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chat room

Trivia Quiz

Live and Interactive Trivia Quiz

Please follow the instructions as to how to play this trivia quiz once connected to the trivia challenge room. We ask that you show respect and consideration to others at all times. To read our general chat room etiquette guide please Click Here.

Please Note the Following:

  • When the Java certificate appears you must click on "Yes" or "Run" in order to accept the certificate and hence be connected to the trivia quiz.

  • If you have any firewalls installed on your computer please ensure you permit them to connect you to this trivia challenge room.

  • If you are using a relatively slow internet connection method such as dial up, the next page may take several minutes to load in its entirety.

  • If you experience any problems whatsoever entering trivia please see our Troubleshooting guide (if you are using Opera web browser to view this site Click Here to access the trivia room with our compatible Java applet).

  • If you have an IRC client installed on your computer or use Morzilla Firefox, you can enter the chat room by  Clicking Here.


Please Enter a Nickname:

IRC Client Programs

If you have an IRC client program (such as "mIRC"), you can enter this chat room by selecting: "Quakenet: Random Server" and once connected type "/join #depressionunderstood-trivia".

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