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Depression Community


Depression and other mood related health issues can appear to be very isolating and lonely experiences. Accordingly, one of the main objectives of this website is to connect people that experience such feelings, and offer a place where people can share their thoughts.

This site includes many different ways in which we hope we help to connect people.  As you can see from the navigation panel on the left hand side of this screen, you can interact and get to know others via the main depression Chat Rooms, Forums, Blogs and Media Gallery sections. Additionally we actively encourage others to start their own communities in the form of individual chat rooms and forums that are freely hosted on this domain.

General Options:


> Introductions.   A place to post a welcome message and introduce yourself.
> Mental Health News.  Monthly mental health news, polls, website news/status and quotes.
> Your Story.  Members' accounts of their lives (comments welcomed).
> Media Gallery.  Imagine gallery (also includes legal MP3, MPEG uploads/downloads)
> Arts, Crafts and Hobbies.  Forum based poetry, crafts, short stories, images (also see Gallery).

Main Options:

> Main Chat Rooms.  Relaxed, supportive atmospheres in which to talk to others.
> Main Forums.  Message board to read and post messages to others.
> Blogs.  Personal web-logs/diaries/journals.
> Information Centre.  Global emergency contact numbers and articles about depression,
   anxiety, bipolar disorder and other related health concerns.


> Warmsoul's Corner.  A source of off-and-on light-hearted topics to brighten your day.
> Trivia Quiz.  Live trivia game. Play and interact with others.

Hosted Communities:*

> Your Name (an example).  A demonstration of all that we could offer your community.
> Application Form.  Apply here to establish your own mental health related community.

*Please note:

  • For more information about hosting a community, please click on Your Name in the table above.

  • Depression Understood is not in any way responsible for the content of independently run sections.

Related Links (please select)

          > Information Centre. Information about depression and related issues, and, emergency contact numbers (global).

          > Contact Us. Let us know what you think of this site/suggest improvements.

          > Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

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