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Disclaimer / Privacy Policy / Funding / Web 2.0

Disclaimer and Terms of Service (T.O.S.)

Please remember Depression Understood is not run by professionals, but is dependent on volunteers drawing solely upon their own personal experiences. If you are in crisis, or are feeling suicidal, we strongly recommend you contact a crisis line such as the Samaritans, your doctor, therapist or a hospital immediately.

Alternatively you can try searching our database for contact details in your Local Area, or, use a search engine to find emergency contact phone numbers by Clicking Here.

All sections of this website are moderated. Our voluntary moderation team works diligently to ensure that only suitable and appropriate material or conversation appears within this website or in our chat rooms. The moderation team are however only human. If something that is generally considered unacceptable (and is against our guidelines), appears briefly overlooked, please accept our sincere apologies. We request that everyone reads our guidelines in their entirety.

Notes on Web 2.0

This website employs Web 2.0 aspects, and as such we would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • Data entered by users (such as Forum posts, or Blog entries) are public, and are therefore visible for anyone with an Internet connection to read. This however does not extend to Personal Messages sent via the Depression Forums or comments left on individual Depression/Anxiety Blogs (unless the recipient elects to make this information public at a later date).

  • Users have the ability to edit any posts made on the Forums and/or Blogs, thus empowering them to delete all, or part, of the material they have submitted.  Individual user accounts can be deleted by Contacting Us.

Depression Understood only promotes positive mental health. However, we cannot be held liable to how anyone reacts to any content found within this site, or to that of any external links this website hosts.

All sections of this website are used by you (as the user), at your own risk and without liability to us (the provider), in any shape or form.

If you would like to report any misuse of this site please Contact Us.

Privacy Policy

Depression Understood respects the privacy rights of its visitors and recognises the great importance of protecting information. Accordingly, our policy is to never disclose any personal information to a third party for any reason whatsoever.


We are entirely supported by private funds and do not have any commercial interests of any kind. This site will continue as it stands - without advertisements of any nature - until further notice, or until such a point where this site is deemed unnecessary.

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