Post Traumatic

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Post Traumatic

Postby hope101 » Sun Mar 09, 2014 8:46 pm

I am clearing out,
All the darkness,
Into a wooden box,
Nail it shut,
Take it away,
From my eyes.

Now all that's left is me,
I am a jellyfish,
See how awkward I am,
Without water.

Hide me in a treasure chest,
Bury me deep,
In the ground,
Beat down,
The earth over me,
A time capsule.

While life goes on,
Without me,
Carry on,
Keep walking,
Keep walking,
Keep talking,
Keep thinking.

Then find my hidden picture box,
In the corner of an attic,
Search for the meaning,
Feel no feeling,
Disconnected images.

Find my treasure chest,
Kneel in anticipation,
To behold,
Open me up,
My beautiful casing.

Imagine my grace,
In your hands.

Look inside.
Search for me.
But I am nothing.
I am dust.

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