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Postby Bfh » Mon Jun 22, 2020 6:18 pm

I was diagnosed with depression nearly 20 years ago. I have been on most medications. The depression for me isn’t sadness. It is lack of energy, motivation and in the last few years brain fog and inability to concentrate. The depression is helped by my current medication but it has never really gone away. I take Viibryd, bupropion and adder all, pretty much the max doses. The problem this is causing is with my work. I can’t get motivated and when I do, just the simplest things make me mentally tired. I feel like there is maybe 2 hrs out of the day that I am actually productive. I am a pretty smart guy and I know my field. I can get by like this but I don’t want to just get by. I want to excel. I love living. I have so many advantages. I feel like the depression has robbed me of the person I could have been, success wise. I wake up happy and ready to face the day. I get to work and it’s like I get bogged down can’t focus and just want to get away from it. I can’t get organized. It’s like I’m trying to plan what to do next but I don’t get anything done

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