Memory Problems

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Memory Problems

Postby RedCardinal04 » Thu Mar 05, 2020 10:50 pm

I know one of the symptoms of depression is having memory problems, but they dont seem to improve. I have been lucky enough to have been able to find a way to deal with my depression alongside professional help, and even more fortunate enough to have been able to improve myself from where I was before. Most of my symptoms have seemed to improve or change in some way, but my memory problems are just as bad, maybe a bit worse. I've already come to actually acknowledge that my depression wont go away anytime soon, or even at all. I still deal with periods of time where life feels thin and hollow, like there's no point to finishing all of the things ive committed to. I still deal with times where I hate myself and I act in anger. I still deal with that in the moment feeling where it all feels like I'm dealing with it for the first time and it all feels so real and I just can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. But my memory is constant, and it makes things very difficult. One time, I was in the middle of a timed test for an AP class and for a solid minute or two I just completely forgot what I was thinking and couldn't refocus at all. I couldn't remember what I was about to write and I didnt finish the SAQ test. Sometimes, when talking, I'll just blank out. Its not that theres nothing for me to say, its just that there is literally nothing in my mind, its all blank. Ive talked to my psychiatrist and he asked some questions over the phone because he thought I might have ADD. While I dont have ADD, he never brought this up and now I feel kinda crazy. Like I'm over reacting. Any advice?

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Re: Memory Problems

Postby 2xNicklesOnTheDime » Thu Mar 05, 2020 11:24 pm

I've also experienced memory problems. I've had problems recollecting events that have happened earlier that day, my days and weeks will often meld together and I won't be able to very clearly or immediately remember if certain events took place the day before or a week prior. It's not necessarily a constant, it fluctuates in frequency and intensity, but it definitely makes certain things difficult. I don't do well with having extended breaks from school because I lose my waypoints for what events are supposed to happen on which days. I become very unproductive as a result because I feel lost and without anything to do.
I've never been examined or treated for my mental illness, so I can't really give my doctor's professional opinion or what have you, but you can at least know that you aren't just crazy.
I've heard that trying to constantly learn new things can help strengthen your memory by strengthening the neural pathways in your brain, that might be something to look into. Maybe there's something specific in that vain which you can do to help your short-term memory loss symptoms, like memorizing stuff from flash cards and trying to retain it for a few minutes at a time. Might be a dumb idea, but could be worth looking into.

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