I (and we all) are soldiers

Feelings and emotions regarding depression, anxiety and other health issues.

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Mindful Michael
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I (and we all) are soldiers

Postby Mindful Michael » Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:05 am

Our personal boot camp teaches our pain is not our real problem. Keeping ourselves moving forward is all we are to be concerned with. There are days of pain where I've thrown up because of the agony. Still, no matter, "keep on going soldier". I've forgotten decades of memories, again, it doesn't matter. We endure this pain BECAUSE we will move forward. If we quit, that is forever. So we stay here because there are endless things to try in helping ourselves but only one result if we quit. Ignore that assuming perspective of if things will work or not. Again, how we feel doesn't matter, we soldiers keep moving forward no mater what. If we add up all times we had to suffer to get here now, what logical reason is there for us to quit now? Would we end it here now after all that work and effort we put in? Why? To hell with anything keeping us from feeling less pain. We have done this before. We can and will get through that again.

We are often taught that hard work and determination will bring "happiness". Forget those lessons. Those of us that suffer prolonged and relentless pains need to only expect a lessening of our pains. Any expectation of "happy" or "painlessness" is downright dangerous. We would expect something that will not happen (at least with the state of medical science these days). The reason to keep trying or to suffer through pains is for the time that will pass. With time, the pains will shift or change in some way. There will eventually be times they change for the better. There may be an activity, a food, a person, an experience that effects the pains toward "better". Its that "better" we need to look toward and believe in our worth for enduring these pains is proof that we are so very valuable. May perseverance, endurance, grit and good fortune aid all our lives. Teach others what you learn, and believe in the good people on this earth and the goodness in yourself.

Carry on soldier.

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