Depression and loneliness

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Re: Depression and loneliness

Postby MarcRiddick » Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:06 am

Why don’t you get your dog registered as an emotional support animal? You will also receive a recommendation letter with that. This will also give you the right to travel or fly with your dog. You can also earn the legal right to live with them at your place. Its constant presence can keep you uplifted and happy. You can even have a discussion with your boss to bring your pet to work and tell him why you need it. Show him the letter and I hope they approve it.

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Re: Depression and loneliness

Postby Thor » Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:51 am

I know this feels. I moved to where I'm living now (a large UK city) to make more friends and start over, except no one ever wants to stay in contact and it's got to be because of me at this point, I'm not sure why maybe I'm just useless or annoying or something I dunno. Only really realised how lonely I was when my dog was admitted into the vets and I came home to a completely empty house (actually got tears thinking about it still now), that night was a serious, serious low point for me.

Try to get yourself out there doing things you enjoy even if its alone, hopefully you'll end up striking up a conversation with like minded people. I know it's hard when we're feeling this low but we gotta keep going even if we're dragging ourselves there with the last bit of our will.

I can't really give much advice as I've not pulled myself out of it yet but just know you're really not alone

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Re: Depression and loneliness

Postby samuelsjessica50 » Fri Feb 14, 2020 7:16 pm

I'm so sad all the time. My relationship is unhealthy and there is not intimacy whatsoever. I feel unattractive and like a burden to everyone. I find myself wishing for death frequently. I feel like it's only a matter of time before I get pushed beyond my limit and in the emotional pain of it I will finally amass the courage to end it...

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Re: Depression and loneliness

Postby EmptyRoom » Sat Feb 22, 2020 10:06 am

I find that im aware that in reality everyone is actually alone, and I think about that as in everyone is not 100% connected with there "friends" cause everyone is living their own unique lives. So, even having friends doesnt mean it will 100% cure your loneliness but it will help distract you from remembering that everyone is actually alone in this world, but even people who have friends feel this way in a moment or the next.

But if you want to make more "friends" here is how i would go about doing so. I would do things I love to do, and once they see you doing what you are passion about people will come toward you because this creates attraction, when you are depressed you are going to continue spreading negative energy and who really wants to be around negativity? You have to change your mindset into a positive mindset in order for people to be draw too you. If you don't smile you may make it hard for you to engage with. You really have too love before friends can love your energy too.

Another interesting way i found in making some of the best friends ever is too.. Become completely being able to let go of what people think of you while your interacting with people, if you trip and fall in front of a whole crowd lets say yes people will laugh but if you laugh with them then they see you have a sense of humor and sharing that laugh is really relaxing and allows friendship to occur unexpectedly.

I would also recommend joining your local events free maybe, even if church is not your thing im not sure but they have many free classes and such where u can meet many new people..

Good luck on your journey on making friends, sending you good positive vibes

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