Ig this is my story

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Ig this is my story

Postby Nghatchet » Sun Dec 26, 2021 4:57 pm

(Bout to tell you my life story if ya don’t mind lol) My parents never married and split when I was a baby for years I never saw my dad but we will get back to that later anyways at age four my moms boyfriend at the time had cracked my head open trying to give me a bath I was then placed in foster care and went to many different families with all different backgrounds by age five this family wanted to adopt me but they ended up not getting the chance to since my older sisters family decided they wanted to foster me idk why bc we have different dads but it was definitely something I wouldn’t change if I had to chance. After a year or so of living with them my mom got custody of me and my new brother (she had him while I was in the system) we lived out lives as a single parent household for many years my mom never went to college bc she had my sister in hs but she started going to college when she got us back that forced me to grow up really quickly in order to care for my brother while she was in class or cleaning the college (bc they paid for her school in turn of her being a janitor) anyways my mother and I have always butter heads but when I was younger it was different I still felt like she loved me. When I was in middle school I was hospitalized for two weeks for a bacterial infection in my ear, I felt fine but the only medication they had to cure it was an I’ve med that I couldn’t take at home anyways I guess my dad heard about this and flew from co-fl to meet me I tried to build a relationship with him but it was just awkward I went to his house every summer for the next 2 years I met my other half siblings and what not but we never got close and he went back to his old drug addiction ways but the end of 8th grade year my mom had her first boyfriend since her having custody of me and my brother again he was alright ig but I just got off vibes from him I had only met him twice before he spent the night over and the following morning he started an argument but needless to say it was a sh*t show from the beginning he moved in (he lived with his parents at age 35 or something lol) with us not to long after a little too soon if you ask me but we never get along and my mom sides with him in every argument anyways they got married (never even proposed just went down to the court house also no rings) one day he knocked on my door and said your mom and I are getting married today whether you like it or not. Anyways since then I’ve lost motivation to go to school and in doing so my “friends” don’t really care anyways my school made me get a counselor bc of my attendance issues and I’ve only talked to her twice the first time we talked about my grades and absence’s but the second time she asked me questions about my home life and basically came to her own conclusion that “my stepfather is mentally abusing me” I don’t know if I agree with that statement or not but dcf came to our house that night asked a million questions and left of course my mom was pissed about it and took it out on me which isn’t new bc everything is always my fault but a week or so later the cops came to do a follow up on the case I answered all his questions truthfully and told him about my plans after hs (the army) anyways Christmas Day I was told I either had to go to my stepdads parents house for the whole day or to my sisters dads house for half and then my stepdads parents house for the other half, his family is little off and I used to live with my sisters family for a minute there about ten years ago so anyways I went to my sisters dads house went we got there it was just her family and everyone said hey nev like it was a normal thing for me to be over there lol they opened presents and I collected the wrapping paper which was fun for me anyways since it was a last minute thing they didn’t have any gifts for me which I knew and didn’t mind but my sisters step bro Brandon gave me a $50 bill which was sooooo sweet and thoughtful some time goes buy and everyone starts showing up (they throw a Christmas party every year) and all these people start showing up and I’m talking to them and what not anyways every time some finds out who I am they go no way I haven’t seen you since you were this tall that’s crazy it was really nice and comforting even though I didn’t remember much of them lol needless to say it was a blast just being around people who were nice and missed me even though it had been 10 years or so since I had seen them on the drive over the my stepdads moms house my sister was talking to me about how she wanted to tell me something that she knows that my side of the family would never understand (due to them being hard core racist and homophobic) which I hate but keep my mouth shut in order to keep the peace sometimes the things they say about strangers makes me crawl in disgust anyways my 22 sister came out to me lol and honestly I’ve questioned it but bc of us both being Christians I never dwelled on it too long I’m super glad she trusted me with knowing as I’m the 3rd person she’s told but it was something I will never forget such a beautiful moment we get to my stepdads parents house and my sister says stops in for 15 minutes or so she has to leave to drive back to Daytona where she just moved to since she was in Hawaii and came back on the first of dec she travels a lot lol but it was going to be a long drive so she didn’t stick around the night was kinda boring I sat on my phone for most of it and we didn’t get home till midnight so after a long last two days I slept in till noon and I went to make some food when I woke up my mom comes out and tells me that I shouldn’t have cussed her husband out last night (when I left to go to sisters house I put the gifts that my grandma gave me in my moms car since they were going home and I wasn’t I didn’t know if they would take them out and put them in my room or not but it didn’t matter it was just so they could get home, when we came home for my stepdads parents house I couldn’t find the gifts so I asked him where they were and he said that they left them at my grandmas since they had no room in the car which didn’t make any sense since I was originally going to be riding with them and I a whole person was not in the car) so she said I had cussed him out the night before all I had said was that’s f’d up under my breath and went to my room. Anyways I explained that I put them in the car so they could make it back home and I was frustrated bc it was gifts I waited awhile for and was excited to open them when I got home… also they don’t like giving me rides or doing anything nice for me so who knows when they’d let me get my gifts this conversation led to my mom bringing up the dcf case and saying how my sister not wanted to be there last night was my fault blah blah blah apparently the cop that came over a weeks or so ago went to hs with my mom and told her that I was the one who called saying that my stepdad was mentally abusing me and so my mom told me about how she knew I called an started all this bs I told her that I didn’t call it was them stupid school counselor but it got me to thinking about when the cop was asking me questions he said “so basically you got whatever you wanted before your stepdad came around” at the time I thought he didn’t understand and didn’t think too much about it but come to think of it I wish I would’ve told him just bc I’m not suicidal and I’m a teen doesn’t mean that my parents are in the right bc they closed the case saying I was a typical teen in rebellion against my parents. Anyways my mom is going to my grandmas rn to get my gifts and Ik I’m never going to hear the end of it for how she drove 10 mins to go get them for me. But my life sucks I wish I had people to talk to but I don’t my so called friends don’t feel like friends anymore and just want to get out of school and go to the army as soon as possible.

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