help please

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help please

Postby Obayan » Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:07 am

I have a pic on my computer I would like to add as my avatar. However, it's too big. How do I make it smaller?

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Postby crystalgaze » Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:27 am

Hello there & welcome! How I did it was that I used Irfan View & resized it.

(I'm on a Windows computer, though. I'm not sure what it would be for Linux & Mac.)

Irfan view is freeware. The download link is on the right of the page or on the left in the section where it says Download.

After downloading, virus- + malware- scanning (optional), install it.

After installation, when it opens automatically, (if you left the options the same), hit O or File-->Open to bring up your pic.

Once you see your pic, go to Image-->Resize or simply hit Ctrl + R. Put in 100 in the width or height box under Set new size.

If you don't like it, you can always Undo it. Ctrl +Z or Edit--> Undo.

When you are done, hit S or go to File-->Save as. Select the type of pic format you want it to use. I believe I chose jpg/jpeg. Type in a name, hit save & you should have your new pic ready to put on here.

Hope this helps!

***Remember pics can only be 100 x 100 pixels & less than 15kb!

Edit: Alright. I just remembered: You can also use Paint to resize an image.

Open image. It may open with Windows Picture & Fax Viewer. Right click then hit edit. Picture will open in Paint. Go to Image then Attributes (or hit Ctrl + E), type in 100 in the boxes, where it says Width & Height. Hit okay. Go to File, then Save as. Name it & for file type, use jpeg. Put onto forum.

If 100 x 100 doesn't look right, fiddle with it! (100 x 75, etc.)

& with these instructions, there's nothing to download! Ya!
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