2/3/10 Sad/Angry/Love Poems.

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2/3/10 Sad/Angry/Love Poems.

Postby ematron » Wed Feb 03, 2010 6:31 am

I don't have any experience writing poetry or songs and stuff, but all of a sudden I just felt like writing some stuff down these past few months. I thought I'd just share it here. I know that they don't flow that well, and some of it is really cliche, but I still enjoy writing. I have a lot of poems. I won't be hurt if you criticize them; advice and criticism is greatly appreciated, haha.

You just don't get it
You just won't stop
You think I'll deal with it
But I will not

Why must you inflict such agony
You make it look so easy
To just sit there and judge me

What did I do to you?
How can I get through to you?

It's like you don't even feel bad
You don't just do it when you're mad

Now tell me,
Would you regret those lies,
Even if I died
Would you regret degrading me,
If you were the death of me
Would you regret hurting me,
If it were what murdered me
Would you regret holding me down,
If it were what made me drown?

You cut me
Are you proud of what you've done?
You killed me
And now my heart is gone

Your insults shredded me
Put-downs devoured me
Violence, forever will scar me

Now I have nothing left to give
Since you ripped out this heart
There's no reason to live
My heart, was all I could give

Please, stop
Let go of my heart
No, you're ripping me apart
Please stop
Stop pushing me away
Maybe I want to stay
Please stop
I know I'm not perfect
Please stop
But how is this worth it?
Please stop
Don't say those words
Just how much they burn

I really meant no harm
You know you were always my lucky charm
So, please don't hurt me
Don't trash me, and desert me
Please try not to destroy me
Can't change me, or persuade me
Please just accept me
This is how, God made me

Where are you?
I need you more than anything
Why'd you have to go?
Without you my heart is sinking

That night you took your last breath
A piece of my heart also left
A part of me died along with your death

I'll never be able to tell you goodbye
No one will ever catch the tears that I cry
I can't ever forget you, I'll miss you 'til I die

I knew it wasn't your time to leave
And now this pain in my heart can't be relieved

I miss you so much
Tell me why'd you have to go

Choke back my tears
But it feels like you've been gone for years
I'm so cold inside
So in your arms is where I need to hide
Missing you is all I do
Since you left I've come unglued
I try my best to stay strong
But you're not here with me, where you belong
It seems so wrong
Since you left, my heart can't sing it's song
You're no where to be found
So in my tears is where I will drown

Leave me alone, let me be.
Please, don't come near me.
I may not be what you want me to be.
But you can't change me.

Accept me, for who I am.
Don't make me follow your plan.
God has His plan for me.
So please just let me be.

I am not you, for I am me.
I'll never be exactly what I should be.

Let me be free, you hold me down.
Til you let me be me, I'll be low as the ground.
Please, why can't you just see.
I'll never, be what you "need" me to be.

Doesn't mean I'm messed up.
Doesn't mean I'm wrong.
All it means is, I am me.

How, can I make you feel better?
With, these dark clouds in the weather?

Don't get frozen in the snow,
Just take my hand, and never let go

Please don't get caught in the storm
In my arms, I'll keep you warm

If I hurt you, please forgive me
I just need to see you happy

Even when you're broken inside
I'll be there, to dry your eyes

I feel like I have no reason to live
There is no point of me being here
I no longer have a purpose
Ready to give up
I have no goals
I don't want to do anything
Don't want to be anyone
I want to forget everything
I don't want anyone to miss me when I'm gone

I'm gasping for air but I just can't breathe
Trying to reach out but I'm pushed down
Opening my eyes but I can't see
Open my mind but I don't understand
Open up my heart but can't feel

Drown me from my breath
Drain me of my blood
Crush my heart
Take my life
Empty my soul
If my eyes are windows to my soul
You'll see nothing but emptiness, not whole

Try to save me
Try to help me
Try to fix me
Try to mold me

There's nothing left of me anyway
I'm so far gone

Oh, so perfect
I don't even deserve it
You are amazing
How can I be worth this

You're my everything, in every way
That warm embrace, on my rainy days
Please don't leave me in this place
I just need that warm embrace
I need to see your face

You're the love that's in my heart
You are the light that shines my dark
My reason for living, is you
Before you all my days were blue
I fell for you at the very start
You caught me in your arms
And stole my heart

When I'm with you I'm no longer empty
I will stay with you forever, if only you'll let me
I can't put into words how you make me feel
But it's simply amazing and I know it's real
Please hold me tightly, don't let me go
Because if you do, I'll feel cold as the snow

I could lay for hours listening to the beat of your heart

I love being next to you, wishing we'll never part
Understand that I'm no one without you
You are a part of me, and believe that it's true
So goodnight, my love, I'll be dreaming of you

I remember the day
My skin remembers the blade
These self inflicted wounds
Are what will bring me to my tomb
I can't break the cycle
And these tears, I can't stifle

Yes I remember the day
It's as if you were the blade
You're what inflicted these wounds
The ones that brought me to this doom
And you can't help with the addiction,
That is now my self infliction

Try to understand, the love that i feel for you.
Please comprehend, my undying need for you.
If I did not have you, I don't know what I'd do.
My eyes shed a tear, at the thought of me losing you.

If you are to cry, I will wipe away all your tears.
If you get scared, I'll kiss away all your fears.
And if you'd allow me, I would hold you for years and years.

Please never be sad, just know it will be okay.
And always remember, my love grows for you everyday.

There's this hole in my chest,
Please God put me to rest.
The cuts won't stop bleeding,
God stop this heart from beating.
My eyes won't stop crying,
God, what's keeping me from dying?
I feel so torn apart,
God will you please stop my heart?
I swear I'm going insane,
God just please stop the pain.
All I can do is weep,
God please help me fall asleep.
My skies are so gray,
Please God take me away.
My days are so lonely,
God, I wish someone would hold me.

You cut me, just to see how much it would bleed.
You put me down, just to see how much I'd weep.
Now you know, I bled so much that I could hardly breathe.
And yes, I cried enough tears to drown both you and me.

When I look back
It makes me want you back
But not now,
I just can't

Things aren't the same
But no one is to blame
And know my heart is in pain
I know it wasn't just a game

Because what we had was real
everything we used to feel
And now that it's broken
I don't know how I can heal

You seem to have moved on
But I can't accept that you're gone
In my heart this feels so wrong
Because I have loved you all along

I gave you my delicate heart,
And laid out every piece of me for you to see.
I spilt out all my true feelings for you,
Yet somehow you did this to me.
You made me regret all the things that I said,
And made me feel so erased.
And still I continued to seek out your love,
But you shoved it all back in my face.

You were all that I wanted
But somehow so far away
Everytime I try to forget you
Your memory remains

And I wish it were the same
But now everything has changed
Maybe I'm the one to blame
But your memory's still stained
Your memories have stayed

And I could tell you that I'm sorry
And ask you to forgive me
But I don't think you'd listen to me
And you don't even miss me

Somehow I always wind up alone
I knew what you said was to good to be true
But still my heart aches since you left me alone
The sad truth is I'm just not good enough for you

I don't get how I've never been a good enough friend
Or why you always brought me down
I guess the heart that you "gave" my was only for lend
Because I definitely don't have it now

And the sad thing is that you'll always have mine
But no matter how hard that I try
You'll never love me the way that you used to
And I'll never get a chance to rewind

Do I even matter to you now?
Or do you care about someone else
I don't mean anything to you now
Do you just care about yourself?

I wish I was somehow a part of your world
Not just the one you left behind
And I wish I could be the one in your heart
Because you'll always be the one in mine

Why must my one and only true friend
Always threaten to make it come to an end?

I wish you had made me bleed with your fists
Instead of your words as the weapons, that made me feel this

I will hope that you'll love and understand me someday
Because for you I'll shine colors, more than just shades of grey

I see now that the tables have turned
Because I seriously let you down
And now it is my own turn to get burned
I guess what goes around, comes around

And karma was never something that I believed in
But I'm being payed back for what I am owed
I do accept that this is what I deserve, and
I must reap what I've so carelessly sewed

So here is where I begin to break down,
I'm trying not to make any sound..
But suddenly my self control is no more,
As I fall down, broken, to the cold floor..
I have no idea what triggered it,
But I can't put out this fire, that's already lit..
My heart is shattering, not just breaking,
And I can't calm down, my mind keeps racing..
The emotions explode from where I've held them in,
And it makes me feel beyond sick, along with adrenaline..
I knew I shouldn't have held them in for so long,
For it's the reason I'm self destructing like a bomb..
I never understood why I always end up shaking,
But my whole body, and soul, can't stop from aching..
Still I desperately try to keep the tears from coming,
But I fail, and hope that these tears will be numbing..
I reach the point where I'm no longer sane,
A neverending storm, that can't stop the rain..
I turn up the music so you can't hear my sobbing,
I wish I could heal, so these wounds would stop throbbing..
The tears poured down my face but my eyes start to dry,
And there's nothing left in me, I can no longer cry..
Now I lay silent quivering, falling asleep in my bed,
Softly whispering these five last words, I wish I were dead..

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Postby crystalgaze » Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:19 pm

Hi there! Keep writing! Don't give up what you love! You are just fine!

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Postby shatteredhopes » Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:55 pm

Moving, emotive...I could feel the pain, the love, the despair...keep it up and thanks for sharing poet!

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Postby darklight32 » Sat Feb 20, 2010 1:20 pm

Good Job, there :?
Here's mine,

We have been taught since birth
We belong to this world
Since we are of it
It has dealt with us, so we could not go there
If we went, it'll come, provoking you to make your choice
"I desire not to be tamed by either of you things"
The time has come for me to go to the world
But you've already gave me something special
Expecting me to use it to its fullest, now then
Shall we.......

Are you afraid of me
Why, are you afraid of this,
When it hasn't yet to come

Hell is paved with good intentions

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Postby lovequotes » Fri Dec 25, 2015 5:51 am

Good Job, there Confused :)
Here's mine,

Before I met you,
I thought I was happy,
and I was,
but I had never known
the rich contentment,
deep satisfaction,
and total fulfillment
you brought to me

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Love Poem

Postby abhishekkalra » Sat Jan 02, 2016 4:34 am

When I say I love you, please believe it's true.
When I say forever, know I'll never leave you.
When I say goodbye, promise me you won't cry,
Because the day I'll be saying that will be the day I die.
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