Depression is like a cloud - Poem

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Depression is like a cloud - Poem

Postby Drifty » Sat Jun 06, 2015 9:47 pm

Depression is following me like a cloud
I feel like a burden, I never make anyone proud
Bad grades in college, no friends, and I do nothing but fail
Not really sure if I want this poem to go into great detail

For most of my life I was bullied, lonely, and rejected
I’ve felt lost and never really felt connected
Mania then depression and anxiety, I’m tired
I hope my poems help at least one person become inspired

Most of the time my mood swings leave me confused
Been bullied, ignored and tired of being abused
Being mentally abused hurts just like a physical bruise
Wish I could escape this place and go on a cruise

Mania might feel good at first, but what follows is the crash
I’m tired of people in my life treating me like trash
No matter what, I always feel isolated
Living with mental illness leaves me frustrated

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