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Miscellaneous Poems

Postby tpno2005 » Thu Feb 13, 2014 3:11 pm

These are some poems I've written. I've been experimenting with stream-of-consciousness style writing and I'm enjoying it. :) Most of these are short and not too serious. I've also added in some of my older more traditional poems. Copyright is assumed once they're posted.


Blue irises
See and seed
A garden’s eye,

Beholden to the
Queen of hearts
And minds;

Matter of fact
Or opinion –
Two cents

A packet.


Spider legs
Articulate a flower thesis –
Stigmatized skin-on-skin

Leaven Bundts and strikes –
Foul play,

A wooden Globe,
Full of sand and flurry –

But spiders float.


Boasts of decadence
Precede the falls of kings and cats –
A ten story plunge to
Earth, Mars, Jupiter;

A gas giant Jack slew
For a sip;

Sap, but –
Grim, Grimm, gremlins

Fly Continental
And cats have eight more lives.


Silence is my native idiom –
Atonic essay of sighs and gulps,
Dogged declaration of Here;

Transcribed in stances and stares,
Gesticulations and breaks;

Cementing now to Now
And then to Then –

Until When

Time, to the dying feels

Time, to the dying, feels
A quick dissolving sea;
But to the wretched living –
Slow captivity.

Lend a man an hour –
Prizing the haste;
Multiply ten thousand –
Unceasing waste!

March onward, brave soldier
Through this hallowed hall,
Where rest your comrade men-at-arms,
Brothers one and all.

The bombs are burst, the bullets flown,
The fighting good and done.
The peace restored, and unto you
Who it so sorely won.

Now lay your head upon these stones,
And rest your soul a while,
Till all the crowd is gathered here
In honorary file.

Savor the night,
Drink of the dark;
Within and without,
The world and the heart.

Communing as one,
In shadow and gray;
Your thoughts, my thoughts,
Your will, my way.

United at last,
Wed in the void;
Bonded in silence –
Mutually destroyed.

Catch a tiger by the toe

Catch a tiger by the toe,
Only fools would dare it so!
Kiss a dragon, charm a snake;
Brush an alligator’s teeth for sake!

Bravery and madness be,
Two sides of one coin to me;
Succeed – win the crowds’ acclaim,
Fail – become the scorned refrain!


One night I saw a blinding light,
Was sure an angel be.
Repenting all my sins, I pled –
Speedy clemency!

I cast myself upon the ground,
Rocked my weeping frame;
Beseeching the Lord forgive –
In His holy name!

With rising hysteria,
I readied quick to die;
But then! The light clarified –
A comet streaking by!

Death is but a teacher

Death is but a teacher,
Life a training room.
The preparation long and hard,
The lesson over soon.

The pupils all reluctant,
With wary wandering eye;
Practicing the art of life,
Ignoring how to die.

Love's Currency

What dearer luxury
Than a loving heart?
Not all the silk from China
Could fetch an equal part!

Nor all the precious jewels
On Tutankamun’s head,
Nor gold of El Dorado
Could serve in its stead.

Were all the stars turned diamond,
And rivers ruby –
A pittance in exchange
For love’s currency.


A little more than trivial,
A little less than grand –
In this meager middle realm
Lie all the works of man.

The Sphinx, to an ant must seem
Soaring, like the sky;
But scaled against Jupiter –
A microscopic flea!


Society conforms
The individual soul;
Shackling the spirit,
Disfiguring the whole –

Fashioning a Frankenstein
In its stead –
Outwardly alive.
Inwardly dead.

The prize

Chasing shadows in the night,
I flee the fading light
And turn –
Like a lion

Rearing up in rage
On a circus stage,
To maul the one
Who holds me bound –

A freakish clown
That jeers
In maddened mirth –
All the earth

A raucous crowd,
Heads unbowed
Gaping eyes –

And I – the prize.


Death leaves an imprint
In living’s aspect;
Residing in the spaces –
Abiding effect

Nightfall in the sunrise,
Shadow of the day;
Echo of eternity –


A thousand blazing torches
I watched, in the night;
But none did so possess me
As the spectral light

Of dreams, masquerading
In the waking hours;
Creeping on, like sand,
That steadily devoured

My mind
In its dancing flame;
Losing thought and reason,
Dissolving end and aim.

Plunged into darkness,
Sinking in the deep;
Vanquished by the hand
Of unremitting sleep.

Dreamer's Zoo

Giraffes on stilts,
Cats in kilts,
Dogs with wigs –
Dancing pigs!

Goats in coats,
Cows on boats,
Mice that sing –
Fancy’s fling!

Ants with pants,
Bee romance,
Kangaroo –
Dreamer’s zoo!


Coalescent consonants
Alliterate a rage-rant:

Abominable airhead
Abducted the aardvark;

Brazen buffoon
Bungled the ballet;

Cockeyed coward
Crinkled the cabbage;

Dastardly dolt
Dented the dreidel;

Extravagant egomaniac
Extorted the elephant;

Fatuous fool
Flattened the Ferris wheel;

Ghastly goon
Gambled the gold mine;

Hideous hag
Hoarded the hurdy-gurdy;

Inane ignoramus
Imbibed the inkwell;

Jocular jerk
Jettisoned the jaguar;

Klutzy kleptomaniac
Kindled the kaleidoscope;

Licentious layabout
Lampooned the ladybug;

Measly malcontent
Maimed the macaroon;

Ne’er-do-well nitwit
Neutered the night owl;

Obnoxious oaf
Oxidized the oboe;

Pitiful putz
Pelted the pagoda;

Querulous quack
Quartered the quail quill;

Reckless ruffian
Ruined the Rembrandt;

Sorry schmuck
Soiled the sailboat;

Tedious trollop
Trampled the troubadour;

Uncouth Untermensch
Unwound the umbrella;

Vacuous villain
Vandalized the vault;

Waggish wretch
Walloped the wainwright;

Xenophobic xerophile
Xeroxed the xylophone;

Yellow-bellied yahoo
Yanked the yacht;

Zany zilch
Zapped the zeppelin;

Suspect No. 1!


Castaway crayons
Crawl up the page
In asymmetric lines;

A color-web of afterthought
And final touch;

Chromatic choreography –
Battement blue,
Pirouette pink;

As shavings scatter
In Rorschach rings.


Apropos of angels –

A crowded street scene
With a steady samba beat;

Scent of gold, frankincense and myrrh;

A tiger and a charming snake;

Fire; righteous ire

(Rev 22:22)


In media res

Love descends to
Scattered thoughts,
With the breath of intrigue
At the door;

On the floor, a smear of memory
And disdain;

Strains of Mozart fill the air;

Shrieks echo through the halls;


A pause;

Roaring applause.

Betrothed to fantasy,
I seek the place of all forgiveness
That steals the heart, for a time;

Beneath the tumult of the world –
A molten sanctuary,
Shrine to volcanic gods;

Where thoughts dissolve
In pyroclastic flow,
And the cares of a lifetime
Erupt in plumes of ashen ecstasy;

The rocky lover’s name –
In seismic pulse,
He births continents and dreams;

On the sacred island,
Across the distant sea of memory –

He waits.

Sunny Sundays

Sunny Sundays
Spirit away to the Neverland of could
With resigned ease;

A place for every one,
In the crooks of then and was,
Shrine to Yesterday;

My pilgrim feet trace a path,
A descent to here and am
The hollow ring of now;
Echo of did not
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i am moved, i love your writing

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