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Dr. Phil

Postby Tealeaves » Sun May 30, 2021 2:14 pm

I was watching some videos (click bait victim)
Of Dr. Phil. I read some comments and whereas I do agree; he seems to be a bit big headed etc.; I believe there is a reason.
Think of it like kids; they will walk all over you if you are wishy washy or a push over or too lovey dovey. You give an inch, they will walk a mile, all over you.
Dr. Phil is speaking to adults but subconsciously, he is also talking to the child inside.
How many times; because of depression, anxiety etc.; have you not been able to do something..and felt a little childish? Like there is no reason why a grown adult like you; shouldn't be able to do something, and yet; you still can't...and it makes you feel a little childish.
Well in my opinion, that's what is happening with Dr. Phil; although I'm sure some fame has gone to his head (it's only natural); I believe he is talking to the child inside. Like any misbehaving child, you have to put them in their place. ( probably also helps him to weed through the fakes, just looking to get on t.v.)

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