poem by Chan

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poem by Chan

Postby Jjong » Wed Sep 23, 2020 11:26 pm

My thoughts are churning inside me quicker than a cook whisks his eggs, I cannot see for I am blinded by the sudden realization that nothing is permanent, everything ends up as something it is never-ending. I am lost inside a maze made by thoughts that I need to get out of, but I am stuck, intertwined with the leaves and twigs I am one with the bushes of my mind. the bushes that need so badly to be trimmed. I need a gardener to come and save me from by prickly fate, but no one can see me. I am unnoticed as invisible as the air inside my lungs, in and out with the steady beat of my breath. I am lost, I am terrified, I need help. but help is nowhere to be found. I shrink to the size of a speck of soot, people constantly washing their hands to get me off of their fingertips. I feel as if I am nothing to them, do they not understand the importance of dirt? The soil that keeps our crops growing, the root to all mankind, and yet, I am unnoticed and trampled upon by feet with shoes of people who can't seem to fit in them. this thought confuses me. How could someone with such pretty shoes, hurt as bad as they do, I wonder if it is the soreness of the heel after walking miles on a point just to make yourself look presentable. The ones who do not are forgotten. I feel as if I am barefoot amongst the many heels of this world. Please, someone, come and cover my toes so I may walk the path of glory.

Chuck Wood
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Re: poem by Chan

Postby Chuck Wood » Thu Oct 22, 2020 7:19 pm

Seems like portray chaos, perminate agony, and being trapped with your mental state. Something came to mind as I read.... our minds/thoughts sometimes are like a rodeo. We are sometimes in the bleachers watching the chaos, but also sometimes we are in the center ring and your with the bull trying to find you way out to safety. Our lives are not that simple of course but be mindful of the tools you can utilize to treat your pains. Maybe a temporary relief may be to "ride the wave" of your pains. Let them happen, and let that be ok. Handle the problems as they come, and rest in between.

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