Does anyone care about us?

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Does anyone care about us?

Postby paoolowww » Tue Apr 19, 2022 11:21 pm

my f****** social life depends on a screen and satellite connections. Why is my life like this? Why couldn't he have a normal life? I should better ask myself why I can't find a way to change, I don't know if this matters to me or not, anyway I'm just another person in the world feeling down, another unimportant person walking aimlessly, it's painful to know that I'm like this at such a young age, I never had problems with abuse or violence, but I'm so empty, I don't care about anything, nothing makes me feel happy, I don't care if I'm happy or not, being happy is highly overrated, living too, always They tell us that we should look for things that make us happy, but why? And why do we have to live happily and have good memories? And how about someone like me who is so young and sees all those things as something empty and without sense? In any case, feeling depressed does not mean that the world is going to stop for you since we know it and we are like that because we know that nobody really cares about us, (it does not apply to everyone), but if we are like that it is because we have the clear things, not only by sabotage of our mind but by things that seem facts

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