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Home Tossing

Postby cgaze2 » Sun May 09, 2021 2:46 pm

Hello! I wanted to share something recently I managed to do. Okay, you ready?

"...I know every rock & tree & creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name" I am quoting Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas (movie). There's also Dr. Emoto who talks about Water Consciousness.

For the longest while, I've been struggling with keeping my environment organized & clean/lived in but clean/organized. Someone reminded me that the energy of objects in my environment can be disruptive to the people living there. (Remember the Christian music from my previous post?? That is part of clearing my environment. If you have disruptive negative energy, it is good to use positivity to drive it out of your space.)

I started tossing out/donating stuff, including quality jewelry given to me by family members. I'm going to say this as a reminder:

If you know someone does not like you or someone in your family, refuse all gifts from them because it is possible for people--including your family--to give you items that will cause all sorts of chaos in your life.

If the gifts have been accepted already: discard, discard, discard. It is important to refuse, especially if you have people or had an ancestor in your family line who practiced spell work. Even positive spell work/white magic can be a problem because the people who were trying to harm you or the person you were helping can target YOU or your entire family line (generational curse).

(That is part of what happened to me. I went from accomplishing to failing at just about everything that would be a positive in my life, UNTIL I disposed of those items.) I also had to discard of items in my parents' apartment; my apartment is above theirs for reference, so still 1 house.

Sometimes, items have to be disposed a certain way.... salt, incense, Florida water, burning, etc. (For example, a widely used exercise is to write your troubles on a piece of paper & afterward, burn it.) Delete, burn, shred negative writings....

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