please help :)

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please help :)

Postby angelo1936 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 8:33 pm

do you ever just feel like your brain is tormenting you.
reminding you of how easy it would be to cut yourself, you can imagine the blade and the calmness it can bring.
or you think about death, how you would just go to sleep and never wake up.
i try so hard to resist these thoughts, and i often win, but i get so scared when im losing. i feel so out of control and i have no one to tell.
someone please help :cry:

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Re: please help :)

Postby mousemeowkin » Thu Mar 26, 2020 5:26 am

It seems like these thoughts are truly bothering you.

Our thoughts can seem scary to us sometimes. Sometimes it's in the realm of what's considered normal and sometimes it's attached to a medical condition.

I hope you manage to find some peace with your thoughts.

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Re: please help :)

Postby Helianthus » Fri Mar 27, 2020 12:24 pm

Hi Angelo!
I have felt like that. It was a turning point with me though as my doctor increased my meds and referred me for therapy which did help at the time.
Is there a helpline that you can call?

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Re: please help :)

Postby samuelsjessica50 » Mon Mar 30, 2020 8:48 pm

I know exactly how you feel....anytime I get a comment or negative response I am tempted by the ease and relief cutting brings. The last time I did it was really bad and deep and I just covered it up. But I cant stop thinking about how easy and how much better I would feel of o just gave in and cut. I want to cut so deep I can see a pool build beneath me. I have already decided how I will die and it just seems like a matter of time before i cant take anymore and make it a reality.

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Re: samuelsjessica50

Postby angelo1936 » Wed Apr 01, 2020 5:04 pm

@samuelsjessica50 i'm so sorry you feel like that, its awful when you're in that 'zone'. I'm feeling better today, and i can see clearer. this occured after telling someone close to me about how i was feeling. is there anyone you can tell, its awful at the time, but it definitely helps afterwards. i'm really sorry that i can't offer any more advice than that, but if you wan to pm me you can.

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Re: please help :)

Postby Astrid » Mon Apr 06, 2020 12:54 pm

Hi, I am sorry to hear your having a tough time, With regards to helplines here is a link to the site's database of worldwide helplines, Hope you find it useful.

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Re: please help :)

Postby sam3321 » Wed May 13, 2020 1:45 pm

hello. Start with the basics please. If you are unable to people and open in front of others, firstly you will have to open to your own self. I have read about this from here ... epression/ that you should first get back to the things you liked before. Get back to the things you loved, start doing things which you loved ones and more

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