Vitamins and depression/brain activity

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Vitamins and depression/brain activity

Postby jane123 » Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:20 pm

I'm posting as I wanted to know if anyone has had a positive experience or improvement of their brain functioning by taking any vitamins.

A bit about myself - I'm 22 and don't have any problems in my life to trigger depression which makes everything all that more bit frustrating.

After a few months of depression, depersonalisation and cutting everyone off in my life, I seem to have lost myself completely and I can't think anymore or make conversations like I used to - my mind has completely shut off. I have this kind of 'blank mind'.

So, I thought tomorrow I would wake up and try to change my life. I feel trapped by my own mind as I can't seem to know myself or find happiness in anything at all. At times nothing seems real or have any meaning. So, I thought maybe I could experiment and take vitamins for 2 months, alongside making certain lifestyle changes.

If anyone would like to do the same with me see if they have noticed any improvements in their wellbeing after taking tablets for some time, please msg me.

I'm desperate to feel like myself again :(

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Postby fallen » Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:38 am

i take vitamins instead of meds i get them from a naturopath, they are prescribed and they are stronger and the best on the market, they help me and i'm a schizophenic.
vitamin b's help with moods,there is also q10, adrenos help with stress, zinc , vitamin d.
in the new england medical journal they did a study or are doing a study that if you do not get enough sunshine this can effect moods and there fore your vitamin d is low.
i also use hypnotherapy to help with moods, getting off all sugars ,soft drinks , takeaway food etc sugar takes the mind and body on highs and lows.
eating protein,nuts good fats will sustain your energy right through the
day and therefore equal out your mood swings.
exercise,walking in the countryside, having a dog helps me, you think of some one else but your self.
doing random acts of kindness for others gives me a sense of helping other people, and not feeling worthless.
try not to be sad or aim for the high goal of happiness , i aim for contentment it lies between the two and is much more achievable.
also take pleasure in the small things in life , good food ,good coffee etc.
there is no magic cure all , a lot is trial and error and hard work, excepting who you are and what you have is important. it's okay to be depressed.
hope this helps a little
take care

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Postby jane123 » Fri Aug 23, 2013 9:20 pm

Thanks for your response. It seems you are doing a lot of the 'recommended things' e.g. Diet changes, walks etc to improve your lifestyle.. Are you noticing an improvement by all the changes you are making?

Also, You mentioned that you take prescribed vitamins which are 'stronger'.. Are these vitamins only or are these combined with some sort of drug? I ask as i thought that most vitamin-only tablets are easily available at pharmacists or shops.

I find my mental capacity has diminished and my words don't even come out right anymore... It's like i slur words at times and I don't know if this is normal of depression/ depersonalisation!

I'm really struggling right now and I feel lost, as if my spirit or soul has been taken away... I'm hoping vitamins can help me think clearly again or make me feel myself, even a bit :(

Each day feels too long... :( I dont understand why I feel like this.. Do I deserve it is wat I ask myself... I try to be a good person and I want to be but these dark feelings make me so lethargic that daily life is a struggle... :(

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Postby fallen » Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:38 pm

by doing the things i have mentioned yes i have noticed a great improvement and i have been doing this for years.
metagenics is the brand i take in australia they are only available through a qualified naturapath., they are stronger than over the counter commercial vitamins.
a naturapath will test your blood to see what you are lacking.
you are not being punished as i said to some one else on here, 'anyone who is progressive, sensitive, creative, intuitive or inventive are considered the mad ones.not a bad group to be with.'
look into magnesium chloride [topical oil] it helps with sleep, pain ,headaches
,fatigue etc.. google it on the net. up to 80% of people are deficient in it due to poor soils and lifestyle it is amazing stuff , and you don't have to swallow a pill.
you are not alone in your pain.
take care

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Postby jane123 » Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:35 pm

Thanks, u seem to know a lot about this! Also, made me smile wen u mentioned the typical 'nutty' groups :) I've started vitamins now but wud like to see a neuropath to see if there's anything specific that I'm missing ie. deficiency.
Wat were u deficient in?

Ps ur very knowledgable and from ur responses u cant see that ur problem is present! I too think wat ur doing is working for you :)

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Postby fallen » Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:05 pm

i was deficient in almost everything, when your mind and body are in a constant state of stress or depression for example this drains your body of essential nutrients very quickly.
a depressed brain needs a lot more nourishment.
be kind to your self , it takes courage to action things like this and make change.
take care

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Postby App » Sat Aug 31, 2013 4:25 am

Hi Jane123. After my brain injury I take so many pills, each day, I rattle! But my Consultant is always nagging me to take my vitamins on top of my regular Neuro meds.
I'm due to see her for my 1/4-ly brain scan next week. I'll ask her about what you say & get back to you!
BW; A.
Even monkeys fall from trees

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Postby kittycatlover » Mon Sep 02, 2013 10:37 am

Jane123, and Fallen,

Fallen, your advice is fantastic. I do know that in Australia there are a lot more naturopaths available and a lot more homeopathic remedies.

Jane123, are you here in the States? Here are somethings you might want to consider -- beyond the vitamins.

For emotional distress, Emotional Freedom Technique -- I mentioned this in some other posts, but you might not have seen this. It uses acupressure tapping points to redirect the emotions and help you reprogram yourself.

Have you tried 5HTP? It is an amino acid that helps create serotonin in the brain and can help with insomnia, weight, and anxiety. ... roduct_top

Another great natural remedy, specifically for anxiety, is kava. I use it in tea form and also keep the extracts (drops) around: ... relief+tea ... va+extract

As fallen said so well, usually you have to try many things -- supplements, as well as exercise, and whatever else works.

I hope this helps a little.

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