Artist/gamer wanting to talk and make friends

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Artist/gamer wanting to talk and make friends

Postby Nightspirit174 » Tue Feb 23, 2021 5:39 pm

Hello all, I'm a 25 year old just starting to shift to making art for a living in Scotland.

I plan on being around here for a while if this forum turns out to be active enough for my liking; I dislike how brief conversations on facebook and the like are but it's hare to find forums that have a wide enough range of topics and people on them.
- I mostly paint fantasy characters in watercolour
- love single player storybased games, Sunless Sea being at the top
- enjoy learning about folklore/mythology and history, though not so much in a dates/kings way and more customes and everyday living
- like anime and manga, comics and tv shows with more psychological plots..or fantasy
- Hippy childhood, moving into goth then steampunk during my teens...witchy steampunk now?
- For a good chunk of my live spent the winters in India and summers at music festivals, home educated in my teens
- Did a year of animation at college and though I don't know a great deal about game design, beyond messing around on game maker as a kid, I'm really intrested and would love to hear more

I kinda suck at making friends.
My only choice in childhood friends were really anti-social and constantly being considered an annoyance and having to be the one to reach out to them has left it's mark into adulthood. I struggle to talk about myself, I'm much more the sort to listen and ask questions, and if I do have a serious chance of making a new friend any mistake on my part is enough reason to have a panic attack, run away and never try to talk to them again.
.....I'm really really hoping that's just a barrier I can break through.

I'm lonely, I live in the middle of nowhere, lack a phone that can run friend making apps so here I am. Please go into a rant about any subject vaguely related to ones I've mentioned: I'll listen and ask questions. :wink:

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Re: Artist/gamer wanting to talk and make friends

Postby Xertz » Tue Mar 02, 2021 9:38 am


I am a 30 year old starting to take interest in game design again for the second time.. Me and my best friend has been unhappy with the regular jobs out here and decided to make some indie game titles to be just as poor but happier at least..

I sketch with pencils, my colourblindness has always averted me away using colours..
I like FPS genres mostly, but I play almost everything I can get on my hands including every freebie steam titles that come out once in a while..
I have never watched anime or manga but my friend does, and I watch TV shows a lot like Fringe, blind spot, the boys, last ship etc..
I have done a year of animation at college as well with Maya and photoshop and unreal level editor and the like, I enjoyed it, but I had to give it up when *******REDACTED******

I am easy to make friends with, coz I don’t judge even tho am a good judge of character.. I know, contradicting right..? You’ll understand later..

This was fun, your turn..

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