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Posted: Sat May 18, 2013 5:41 pm
by ootbe

To the world, the word "inured" means habituated with something unpleasant. To me, it is a description of my life: an unpleasant life I am accustomed to live since my early teenage. A life full of injustice, insults, and defeats. Of course, how can Depression be left out?

If I start telling my whole story, it would take a very long time. Also, what is the use of publicly submitting my story? Who would be interested in knowing about my life? Why should someone be interested in it? Who and why should one care? I won't be willing to spend my time listening about someone's life. Also, I always wanted to share my happiness in life, and not sorrows ever. Then why? Perhaps, this writing gives a feeling of compassion, a satisfaction, a sense of being heard when the supreme authority of the world is turning His face away from me. Why should I care if someone reads or doesn't read my story? The mere fact that I feel relaxed and more positive after sharing my pain, was sufficient for me to continue! I am sure that this wonderful platform must have helped many, and would continue to help many patients like myself in the future. May God bless the creators of this web-portal (although such chances are rare, since my requests are in the least priority of being heard in His kingdom).

In case if I were a lucky person to be normal/healthy, I would have considered a person like myself a "loser"! Agreed, I am a loser. But I didn't lose in the battle. I lost in gambling. There is a huge difference between losing in a battlefield, and losing in gambling. I didn't have to go to casino for gambling. In fact no one needs to go to a casino for the kind of gambling in which I lost. It is called a game of life. Everyone is forced to gamble with on their life game as soon as one is born.

[[[ will continue with the next part later. ]]]

Posted: Mon May 20, 2013 5:27 pm
by dougsan
Hi ootbe. If you don't mind, what is the meaning of your avatar name?

Welcome to DU. I hope you hear from and read the posts of a lot of people who can help you and some you can help.