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Postby KAI04 » Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:38 pm

i think i wrote a little bit about myself in the wrong section but what can u do..i guess i could start again by explaining how i ended up here..recently i have been going through a lot of things that have seem to come crashing down on me all at once. I have been here before, meaning feeling depressed. Before and even now i would try to hide it and go out and pretend that everything was ok only to come home and feel completely empty and alone. i didn't have the best family life and though i never wanted any of that to stay with me or determine who i am as a person, it still hurts inside. i thinki have been serching my entire life to be loved and accepted
i meet a guy when i was 19 now 25 and we dated for five years just breaking up last summer, we recently rekindled our relationship a bit and found out that we had accidently become pregnant..i didin't think i wanted kids and was completely shocked when i found out but when i went to the doctors found out that i had misscarried because apparently i have a rare blood type that attacks the fetus if the blood has made immunities towards it. this was devasting but he was supportive even though i just wanted to be alone but a month after last week he invited me over for dinner confessed his love for me and then told me he has been seeing someone..i have always beeen a sensitive soul but these current events have thrown me for a whrilspin..i find myself constantly crying and i can't figure why any of this has happen...it's like theres a whole in my chest..and i am completely empty

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