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Hello People

Postby Thatoneguy » Thu Apr 26, 2012 4:32 pm

I'm not huge in to writing so this may be hard to read or confusing but I hope people will take the meaning of the words I put done on this forum not the spelling or the missing words.

The love of my life has been arthropods or animals with a exoskeleton Crabs wasp spiders that sort of life. I Have 13 madagascar hissing cockroach
4 taranchulas all of own are the pets I call my own.

Family is well every thing to me I have a great family that is very supportive
of me and helps me. But I can't talk to them because I don't like to because I hate them getting frustrated or yelling at all even if they don't yell at me I still think they are.

I've had trouble with learning and well getting along with other people. But when I was one on one with teachers I could do work far better then most my classmates and people my age. I don't know whats wrong with me one doctor before I moved to missory or Missouri where I was told I'm might be A cluster personality disorder or asperger syndrome witch is what my family think it is.

I'm 19 I go by my middle name Venton. Most of my time I live in my mind and I've begone growing more and more removed from reality.
Online courses are what I spend most my time doing because I don't learn well in classrooms.

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