New and Confused

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New and Confused

Postby Sur.B » Fri May 19, 2017 2:15 pm

This is my first time on a forum.
I'm a ​19year old student.
I used to do very well in school.
When I started college, I also took up a challenging professional course , at which I've been failing and I'm not doing very well in college either. I'm failing because I'm not working hard at all and I don't have any motivation to do so. I've lost interest in everything and I often choose to stay at home, by myself. I don't feel like I deserve to have any kind of happiness. I sleep too much and find myself constantly overthinking everything.
Couple of my friends noticed the changes in me and suggested that I might be depressed. I looked it up online and it seemed to add up. But not all days are bad. I have bad moments, rather than days. The issue is that I don't know for if I'm depressed.

I want to discuss this with my parents because they're worried about my future. I owe them an explanation because I'm still financially dependent on them. But I'm concerned that they won't believe because I've had a history of lying.

I also feel like I've just been careless and lazy in the past two years and that I'm trying to make myself believe that it's because I'm depressed.
And that's why I'm not able to tell my parents.
Because I don't feel like it's true. I feel like I'm lying to myself and that this is just who I am.

Umm... That was a long first post. I hope somebody can provide me any kind of clarity on this. Thanks :)

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Re: New and Confused

Postby Drive555 » Mon May 22, 2017 4:55 am

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Re: New and Confused

Postby Eleanor » Mon May 22, 2017 6:03 am

Hi there! It sounds to me as if you may be suffering some degree of depression. Certainly my experience of depression has been one of totally losing interest in everything, having almost no motivation to do anything, and a sense of 'dsiconnection' with others and a complete inability to find pleasure in anything. My advice would be to see your GP (or equivalent if you're not in the UK) for a proper diagonsis. I'm in the UK and there is lots of help here if you reach out for it. One thing I would stress is that there IS LIFE AFTER DEPRESSION! So even if it turns out that you are depressed, please believe me when I say things can, and will, get doesn't have to be a life sentence. All you have to do is seek help and look forward. Good luck my friend xxx :D

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Re: New and Confused

Postby Helloraspberries1 » Tue May 23, 2017 1:53 pm

Hi there, I'm sorry to hear also how you feeling.

Alot of people feel shamed and embarrassed with depression. We all know on here how it feels like but you came to the right place but opening up and telling us everything.

Your friends mentioned you might have depression? Have they told you that they noticed that you been a bit different recently? What did they say to you for them to beware that you might have a form of it?

I don't know if you brave enough yet to talk to someone like a GP but if you can't speak to someone face to face then you can try accessing online counseling here. You will need to contact a moderator on the forums about that.

In the mean time try and do little things like going for a short walk, seeing a friend and just talking. That way your still doing something and keeping your mind healthy.

Hopefully with the help from your friends and us you will get through this and then might be able to talk to your family about your feelings and seek professional help. Just take one day at a time.

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