Some things we don't talk about.

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Some things we don't talk about.

Postby Port_In_A_Storm » Tue May 02, 2017 9:09 am

Hi everyone,

I'm 18 and have suffered from depression for several years. I never quite understood how a child could become depressed, but I can say, from first hand experience that it is a cruel disease that can affect anyone no matter what age.

I'm not going to go into too much detail about my own experience of depression because everyone has their own individual story to tell, but long story short, I became very ill in 2014 and depression stole everything from me. I never told anybody how I felt after I got better and I feel like my life has been spiralling out of control ever since. On some days the selfish part of me has wondered what it would be like to leave this world forever but I'd rather live a life of misery that put my family through any pain and suffering.

I suppose why I'm really here though is because I've never been able to talk about my depression to anyone. I've never been able to say it out loud before because in a way I feel ashamed and guilty. I know that there are people out there that are much worse of than I am, and in comparison to what others have been through and other peoples lives, I feel like I have no right to be sad. I've never spoken to my friends or my parents about it before and sometimes I just feel so alone. I guess sometimes you just need someone to tell you that you're not such a terrible person after all. I know that mental health is nothing to be ashamed of and I admire people who are able to speak openly about it, I just wish that I could get everything of my chest and maybe one day I can be free from the pain.

Does anybody have any advice about how I can reach out to someone or feel less guilty?

Thank you for reading, and to whoever you are, wherever you are, I hope that you always find a reason to smile because everybody deserves to find their happiness.

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Re: Some things we don't talk about.

Postby Helloraspberries1 » Tue May 02, 2017 11:27 am

Hi there, I'm sorry to hear what you been through. Depression is a horrible thing and it's only if you experienced it you will understand why.

You mentioned feeling like you can't talk to anyone. Is something stopping you? Are you afraid of being judged? Those of common feelings to have but you shouldn't feel like everyone will judge you.

I can understand about not telling friends or family. I get you don't wanna burden them but if you are here for them then why should they not be here for you. It's about making the first step and just coming out with it. If you feel you can't then writing what your gonna say helps or you could look online and get advice on tips on how to tell someone that your depressed.

It's worth thinking about and seeing what you will plan to do but please don't be scared to talk. The first step is about opening up. You done that here :)

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