So confused

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So confused

Postby Beautifulmind » Sun Dec 04, 2016 11:17 pm

I'm tired or thinking so much and being upset about everything little thing that's bothering me. I really thought I was ready for a relationship bc I have so much love to give I thought. But it seems I'm a very smothering person and I heard this for a while now. This is crazy, I feel like I'm going crazy constantly thinking about this man that has literally done nothing for me but also done nothing to me bad at all. Over thinking every single move he makes towards me or away from me is to much. I can't handle this and I don't want to be in this relationship any longer I just can't handle it! But I do want to be with him and fall in love with him and be his woman but I just don't know how to be and it's overwhelming for me. And by looking at him it is for him too and I hate that bc he was so happy before then it all went to he'll and I've become severely insecure. I just don't know what to do or how to be. I'm in a state of constant confusion and I need help and to talk to someone that won't judge me. I'm lost, how do I find myself again, I was happy too and in a great place when we met. Excuse the rant

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Re: So confused

Postby Ender » Mon Dec 05, 2016 5:33 pm

This sounds very similar to something I am also experiencing. It's very frustrating, and painful. may not like this...I think if you feel its best for him and yourself. That the two of you were happier apart...that's what you should do. If the relationship has caused a negative influence on either or both of you, it's best to end the relationship and move on, rather than drag it out, hope it gets better, while you know in your heart that you aren't ready for a relationship such as this one. you need to focus on your life, things you enjoy. work, family, hobbies. It's difficult to redirect that attraction or attention you've been showing or feeling for him. but you can do it, you have to to save yourself, be yourself, understand yourself before you can be anything positive in someone elses life.

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Re: So confused

Postby Helloraspberries1 » Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:09 am

I understand how you feel and what your going through. Relationships are difficult and they are never easy to come by.

You need to feel in yourself that your happy in this relationship. You need to ask can he make you happy? Is he a nice person? Are you still attractive to him etc. It's finding out whether you can still be in a relationship with him or not.

Just by asking yourself and writing down these thoughts on a bit of paper can determine where your at and where you can go with this in the long run. Focusing what you want and what you need is different things but can see whether the two are similar or not and your hopefully know your answer if they are.

Before you make any decisions or choices I think you need to think this through with what you want. It's about your needs and not his.

Talking to family and friends about this can give you a different perspective if you feel comfortable doing that and it maybe they can give you the answer what you need.

Whether you think in the end that a relationship isn't for you right now then atleast you can concentrate on yourself and what you want untill you are ready. There isn't any rush and it's important you feel confident with the decisions you make.

I hope that helps and good luck.

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