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fear of eating

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:03 am
by tryandtryagain
I have a bit of social phobia, but it mostly relates with eating. This is me being VERY uncomfortable with eating in public. To the point where I get so nervous that I cause my ulcers to act up and get unbearable stomach pains at times. Its not just going out though, I hate eating at work bc I'm afraid of judgment from my coworkers. I'm even afraid to eat around my boyfriend even though I KNOW he doesn't judge me. But when I'm alone, I almost purge. I finally feel comfortable and I eat, sometimes a lot. I'm pretty sure I'm bulemic but I'm afraid to go to a doctor. I have so much frustration with food. I workout 6 days a week and when I don't workout in the morning I normally skip breakfast until I workout bc I feel guilty. When I starve, I just stay so upset and hate myself for having to eat to be happy and when I do eat I feel so guilty. I've lost 30 pounds in the last yr but I was overweight and now I'm "normal" but I never seem good enough to myself. Its not just wanting to be skinny, its feeling bad for eating. Its so overwhelming. If you can relate with this, pm me. I could use a friend.

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 8:40 pm
by fallen
i had the same problem eating in public, i went to a hypnotherapist and slowly but surely i got through it.
i used to go red in the face and have to leave the cafe or profuse sweating it was not good.
i feel for you just know there is someone out there who knows how you feel.
be strong and know that i care .

Posted: Tue May 28, 2013 7:03 pm
by applejoe
I know how you feel! Since January a co-worker has been commenting about my weight and I've lost 13 pounds just because I don't want anyone to watch me eat !! I feel so dumb, and try to tell myself that nobody cares about what I eat , but it's not easy considering I work with a bunch of sexist men, no women in my department all day at all, so it's not easy working with them and eating in front of them is pretty much out of the question. I'll just keep trying to convince myself that they don't care about what I eat or how much I weigh.

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:08 am
by SMcGregor
When you learn to respect and value yourself you can come to enjoy your own company and eventually others will too. Taking care with your diet and your physical health can also improve your self esteem.

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2014 12:04 pm
by Domenico
Have you ever tried to eat in front of a mirror by seeing how beautifully you eat? From now on whenever you eat please try it in front of a mirror and when you are at outdoor go to the restaurant and seat in a place so that you can see much people those who are eating; but do not try anything for yourself unless you feel comfort or dare to do that. Just seat and look around other people eating. Continue the process until you overcome the challenge - it may take a week to months. I hope that will work good for you.
Good luck...