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A Fear of Hurting Someone's Feelings

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:56 pm
by JoeFriend
I over complexify (I just made that word up) many of life's situations, especially when it comes to other people and their feelings.

I just read some of the other posts and though I wanted (and tried) to respond, I was afraid, and therefore I didn't. I don't think it is good to be afraid... but I feel that each time that I'm not afraid I make mistakes or that what I have to say is of no real value... I generally swing (much like a pendulum) from one side to the other. I am too afraid and I fail to succeed because I don't try. Or I am too arrogant and I fail because I have somehow neglected the feelings of the people I care about.... I know I am a mix of many problems... but recently this fear I think is the one that causes me to fail the most...