Toxic Abusive Parents

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Toxic Abusive Parents

Postby Dem_Aplez » Tue Oct 12, 2021 9:10 pm

Hi, my name is Juno I am from the philippines I am 13 years old and I have a small Youtube channel named DemAplez but right now Im here to tell you my story all about how I got here. When I was a little kid I always did a lot of stuff and was a bad kid but I always followed the rules, but cut to the chase about 9 years later when I was 12 my parents changed, my parents became toxic or maybe they were always toxic, and so they mentally and physically abused me, always saying your f****** dumb, your a piece of shit and your a failure you wont succeed in life you wont be famous if you don't become a engineer you are a failure you can only become a engineer nothing else your dreams are worthless your life is ours we control you as long as you live in this house you are under our control you are our son you belong to us. and yeah so right now I just finished class and i was just playing with my friends just because i didn't finish my drinking my water and put on the sink my father got really mad and wanted to hit break the long hard stick and a plastic stick. Every time I make mistakes I get hit i can't do anything right they want me to keep studying even if i try to play with my friends i cant play with them online THEY ARE LITTERALY IN CONTROL RIGHT NOW and they don't even CARE about my feelings my father loves hitting me its He's pleasure and whatever he wants goes he thinks he is a god, a king, a non human being that is superior than anything else they even say i wish you weren't even born, like wow did I want to be born? did I want to live? did I wish about being alive NO i f****** didn't AND RIGHT NOW IM PRETENDING IM DOING HOMEWORK JUST TO TELL YOU MY STORY and they lie, they lie about almost everything they manipulate you then control you. HE EVEN SAID WHILE YOU ARE STILL A CHILD ILL KEEP HITTING YOU UNTIL YOU CANT FEEL YOUR LEGS I WILL BREAK YOUR LEGS. I swear i cant right now I want to die bro they don't even care about me THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT MY GRADES NOT MY FEELINGS NOT ME, and right now my father is beside me holding a big ass stick AND MY MOM IS NOT EVEN DOING ANYTHING SHE IS EVEN SMILING LIKE I LITTERALY CANT SHE WANTS ME TO BLEED EVEN MY FATHER I JUST CRY MY SELF TO SLEEP. I just want to die BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE RIGHT BESIDE ME ARE f****** PIECES OF SHIT THEY ARE ABUSIVE AND I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

Thank you for listening to me i appreciate it.

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