Friend keeps letting me down

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Friend keeps letting me down

Postby useranonymous » Thu Jun 17, 2021 7:41 am

We moved just before anything about covid cropped up, covid didn't exist when we moved so life was normal. Turn before I got that chance to know people lockdown happened. Now we are out of lockdown I'm slowly making friends. I'm really anxious so it's difficult for me having the confidence. I've made one really good friend who has never let me down and we've met up loads. There's another woman who I plucked up the courage to give her my number so we could meet for playdates or when kids are at school I've always been the one messaging her asking how she is and trying to start conversation. On 4 occasions we were meant to meet up and each time she's let me down last minute and I've only found out she's cancelled because I've said are we still meeting up. She keeps saying she has a cold or her son has a cold. At first I thought ok fair enough, but everytime? Or she says she's been told by her partner they are going to see family for s birthday. Tell me if I'm wrong but you usually know in advance if it's a family members birthday coming up? I always know when it's my family's birthday and I always tell people I can't meet up with them as I'm going to see my mum for her birthday for example. This woman I'm really trying to make an effort with never messages me first, it always me. I'll send her messages, get 1 reply that's a three or four word sentence then get nothing else. I'm starting to think she just doesn't like me and that I'm wasting my time. I'm upset today as we were meant to meet today for a playdate and I messaged her saying I was really looking forward to it then she says oh sorry, she is doing something else now. I'm not going to look desperate and keep trying of she keeps shunting me, I'm quite frankly getting pissed off with it now.

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