Being Forgetful

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Being Forgetful

Postby Ms.Sheep » Mon Aug 05, 2019 2:33 am

This is definitely a weird one. I'm gonna be a sophomore and its been 2 years since I've been diagnosed with depression. I've told my psychiatrist about this before and all he did was ask some questions and concluded that I didn't have ADD and we never spoke of it again.

I've been having weird memory problems for the past few months. I've heard that depression can cause memory problems but I've been on medication for 2 years and most if not all of my other symptoms have been dialed back or even eliminated.

It's kind of hard to explain. Like I'll think of one thing and will be like 'Oh I'll search that up' or 'Oh I should do that right now' and I guess I'll get distracted or some thing and a few seconds later ill have completely forgotten that thought. This happens all the time, but isn't all that frustrating.

What I have a problem with is how often I don't acknowledge things, like certain thinks won't click and I'll forget about them and flat out not acknowlefge that problem for months. Like how it took me forever to realize that I'm lactose intolerant because my mind just pushed those problems behind me and treated it as though its always happened. When I still saw my therapist I would always take a survey so she could get a grasp on how I've been feeling for the past 2 weeks. Problem is, I could barely remember how I felt a couple days ago. It's really hard to explain this because I can't exactly remeber anything specific (I don't even think I'm explaining this properly). I've been more prone to forgetting stuff of forgetting the date in which an assignment was due or to do homework for a certain class.

I can't tell if this is because I get easily distracted or am just flat out forgetful. Maybe it connected to why I pace/move so much or why I am having trouble listening to other in conversations when I used to be a much better listener.

This is such a weird thing because I can't completely wrap my head around it. Like I can remember very specific things well. For example i can remember a specific moment in which someone said something completely mundane back in elementary school but I can't remember something that happened earlier today. Its like my brain is much better at remembering specific but usually worthless bits of information. Does anyone have answers?

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Re: Being Forgetful

Postby Spleefy » Mon Aug 05, 2019 6:46 am

Hi Ms.Sheep,

Hmm… I wonder if the medication you are taking is causing or contributing to memory loss? All drugs have side-effects, and some drugs can affect both short-and long-term memory.

Depression itself can also affect our memory, as you mentioned. I'm not entirely sure, but I would imagine that even if the drugs removed most of the depressive symptoms, it doesn't mean other symptoms or characteristics of depression won't exist.

If it were me, I would look at a combination of factors that could be interfering with my memory, in particular stress, study, depression, and medication.

How are you sleeping? Sleep deprivation can also affect our memory.

I will leave you a link to some common causes of memory loss. It also includes a bit more information on memory loss that may be useful. This is where I would start then go from there.

Nutritional deficiency might be something to consider, too. Chronic stress can deplete the body of nutrients, including B vitamins, which in turn can affect memory. This would be exacerbated by a poor diet or inadequate nutrient intake. It might be something to consider so you can rule out nutrient deficiencies as the culprit.

Please let us know how you go with it. I would be interested to know more about your forgetfulness and what helped it.
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Re: Being Forgetful

Postby froggymom » Mon Aug 05, 2019 2:47 pm

I'm sure this can be very frustrating and scary. The previous poster was very right in listing the things that can contribute to forgetfulness . You really need to keep working with your doctor to find the actual cause of yours.

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Being Forgetful

Postby Kambaxia » Thu Aug 08, 2019 1:01 pm

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