Life is kicking my ass

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Life is kicking my ass

Postby Jpalomera » Sat Jun 29, 2019 10:49 pm

My life in the last year has been getting progressively worse. I had a great home with a loving boyfriend and cats. I went to a great school and had the support of the best bestest friend in the world.

Today I find myself in an abusive relationship. Yesterday, he punched me severely, kicked me in the stomach, stepped on my head, spit on me, poured a beer over my head.
He threatened that if I reported him hed come after my family. So I couldnt go to the emergency room because they are mandated reporters.
Im currently in a motel room my friend paid for so that I can nurse my wounds. And I find myself so desperate for some care and support. Somebody to protect me and care about my well being. And not make me feel like I would rather be dead.
I can no longer attend school due to severe anxiety. My best friend is gone. And everyday seems to set me back even further. I need help, Im in so much pain.

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Re: Life is kicking my ass

Postby Eastwood1800 » Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:21 pm

I am so sorry to hear this but you sound like a fighter. I do think you need to get help and get free on this nasty guy. I get angry when i hear about abuse like this but please get help from your family and friends.I myself over the last 2 years have found it tough i have so much bad luck i have thought about ending it all on many occasions but my family have been great. I don't have many friends anymore and i struggle to show my emotions but i am trying.please don't give in and get the help you need.

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Re: Life is kicking my ass

Postby Sabio77 » Thu Jul 04, 2019 4:15 pm

I'm sorry that you are going thru an abusive relationship. I have gone thru thee worst one myself... just getting thru it. I understand your desperation for help. I'm speaking from experience dear friend. Please get an order of protection against him for you and your family that includes every place you and them go to. then seek medical assistance. tell your family about this so they know as well. Also, any action done to you is never your fault. It is the person who is doing the wrong that needs to deal with hurts deep within themselves. also, soooo very important, you must forgive this person and yourself. This is a huge must in order to mentally, emotionally, and physically heal. Nobody deserves to be treated disrespectfully. I would like to pray for you and stay in touch with you. Since I have been thru this myself, I can guide you best I can. My heart goes out to you and I'm sending you encouragement, strength, and big bear hugs but gentle ones ... lol I'm a mother of 3 adult children. I have been married to an abusive person because they had low self esteem. Couple more important facts, how a man relates to his mother is how he will treat a lady. ... and you are worth every bit of kindness. Believe in yourself. Hugs :)

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