Emotional Eating

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Emotional Eating

Postby Perfectlybroken » Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:32 pm

Another all day binge today :( i lost count on how many times i have done this month.

Buying those healthy snacks did not help with my binge habit at all. I felt powerless when i was eating, and before i realize, i have finished the whole stock. I still inhale food, whether they are junk food or healthy food, like i've been starving all my life.

The truth is, i have been starving all my life. Starving for perfection. Perfect grades, perfect daughter, perfect body.

I read off the internet that I have emotional binge episodes, and I am well aware of that. I just dont know how to deal with my emotional problems. Whats worse is how im well aware that i know the answer, that i need to solve my perfectionism issues, but if i do so, i dont even know who i am anymore.

I'm completely lost, depressed, and sometimes i just feel like giving up. It feels like I have been fighting a battle that i am doomed to lose for these past years. I have tried sharing my feelings but there is just nobody i can trust enough to help me. My family just told me to stop eating too much and move on with their perfect lives. My friends would tell me to just eat whatever i want and dont care about the weight ive been gaining. If only it's that easy.

I used to cry after a day full of binge eating. Now, i just feel emotionally empty inside, even though i had just consumed the amount of food that can kerp me full for the whole week.

I need any support i can get. Please.

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Re: Emotional Eating

Postby Helloraspberries1 » Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:07 am

Hi, sorry I don't have much advice here but have you thought about seeing a professional who can help with this sort of thing?

I've never experienced anything like this myself and I maybe the wrong person to give you advice however feel like if your situation is getting worse then better then you might have to reach out again to someone.

You had any help in the past? Reading stuff makes things worse. You don't wanna do that.

I'm not a doctor or anything but I feel a diary or journal might help or some counselling one on one. I think first step is going back to your help you received in the past so going to a clinic, talking to a nutritionist or calling helpline who support those with what you got.

Please remember your not alone and and anytime you feel low please come here.

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