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i feel like i need to vent

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 10:37 am
by MickD
i feel like i need to vent to anyone that would listen.

I recently came out of a relationship with someone. I treat her pretty perfect and i can say that with clarity as i know i wasnt always the best boyfriend with some of the other people ive been in relationships with. I would go out my way so much and put so much effort into pleasing her, when she was ill id look after her and get her medicine and when she was moody/upset id put so much into making her feel better. I drove us to loads of places and took us out and paid for loads of stuff, even at christmas i bought presents that had meaning to her personally and was stuff she was interested in. ect ect ect.
We had good times and good memories of perfect days which just makes it more painful.

towards the end she got overly argumentative, fabricating arguments from nowhere and getting overly jealous and such over my girl friends, even though she slept with her best lad mate two year ago (she said she was unstable it was a one off and theyve not spoke about it since).
Anyways she got offered a place to work abroad and i told her to go for it, thats when the arguments got worse and she ended it saying because we argue too much (at the time i didnt realise but she initially started the majority of them). She met someone abroad and now shes back a few week later shes in a relationship with him (hes not even from this country)

I just feel like such a fool and an idiot, i feel like i was used the entire time and non of it was real. id be less upset if i didnt put as much effort into it. im sorry for boring anyone i just need to get it out there, to anyone

Re: i feel like i need to vent

Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 4:56 pm
by Noir
I understand your feelings :( It must really hurt :( But the time will heal it, I'm pretty sure :)
You know, there always will be such people who won't be thankful and just use everybody... But they are not worth even bothering :P

Hope it will get well soon ;)