Who are "they" and why do they make my life so mis

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Who are "they" and why do they make my life so mis

Postby CitM » Sat Mar 03, 2012 5:09 pm

Have you ever wondered when someone refers to a particularly nefarious action by the catch all, "they?" who 'they' are? "They" seem to make the world awfully miserable don't you think?

Instead of using "they" if you know of a particular person who has done something awful to you, say their name. I know that sounds rude and unforgiving, but here me out, keeping the hurt local, and not overgeneralizing it keeps from catastrophically it. You know what I mean? It keeps it to a specific person, place and time.

Once these generalities are eliminated, suddenly the world becomes a much better place in your mind. Then work on forgiveness, which is essential to mental health.

Here is what forgiveness is, 'recognizing the imperfections of others as not being personal to you and letting go of your anger toward them which only hurts you.' Here's what forgiveness isn't, forgetting and setting yourself up for a lifetime of pain over the same issue. You only traumatize yourself that way. Door mat is not an accessory to forgiveness. Anyone that tells you otherwise needs to understand the concept better.

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