I'm invisible and my partner doesn't respond to me...

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I'm invisible and my partner doesn't respond to me...

Postby Sadinatura » Tue Apr 09, 2019 11:37 am

I am invisible. I sit at Biology every day, we're supposed to work as a group, and get the answers together. They don't tell me the answers, they don't even acknowledge me, they're going to be the reason I fail this class. I literally have to listen in to what they are sharing SO close to try and hear them. I want to do something drastic again, they won't know that I have but it'll make me feel better at least. Why won't you notice me? You ask everyone but me for e pen, I have a pen, if only you asked me, noticed me.

I think there is something wrong... My partner isn't paying attention to me anymore, I think I've done something wrong but I don't know what. They don't reply to my messages and I know it's hard because their parents are split up but when they do have their device, they don't respond to me... I've tried once to mention how we need to work out this communication but either they didn't hear me or they ignored me. They're too occupied with everything, they seem to love math and Instagram more than me... Maybe it's true. I love them, there's been a time where I've told them but they didn't hear me. What am I doing wrong? Should I acknowledge that this is their first relationship and give them some grace? I want to talk to them about this but how can I talk to them if they don't seem to listen or respond or read my messages.

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