Silly poems

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Silly poems

Postby Jtw » Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:50 am

I'm a writer, as well as an English teacher. I usually do high-school but picked up some lower Grade-7 classes this year. In the country I work there's no actual curriculum so we're left to teach whatever we want. We have a book to work through but it's garbage! We were doing adjective order and alliteration. We were working through a section on poems so I wrote a poem on those subjects to help the kids remember the topics.
These are just quick and silly poems, so Shakespeare has nothing to worry about from me, just yet!

Adjective Order

Adjectives have an order, that we must use
Learning it in rhyme is a simple ruse
Opinion tells us what you think,
is it great or does it stink?
Is it a loss or is it the prize?
Once you’ve decided, we move on to size
Is it tiny or is it large?
Is she a speedboat or a barge?
Is it young, or is it old?
Age is how we all are told.
It says if it’s ancient or brand new,
But with people, it isn’t always true
Next we move along to shape
As square as a box, or round like a grape
Colour’s another word for hue,
red or green, black or blue
If you want to tell us from where it came,
Because everything is not the same
We must then mention origin
London, Bangkok or Berlin
Material then, is mentioned now
Like how beef is the structure of a cow
Some houses can be made of wood
Cars cannot, if you want them good
Finally we then say what it’s for
Is it used for peace, or waging war?
So there we have the simple rule!
Get it wrong, and you’ll look like a fool


Alliteration is when the words in a line
Have the same starting sound, even if they don’t rhyme
The words will work willingly, wonderfully well
They’ll tie together the tale they try to tell

Tongue twisters tie, trouble and turn
Lessons like liquid language to learn
They wriggle and wiggle and wrestle your words
So you struggle to say what you hear that you heard

So if you forget what the meaning means
Just jumble a jacket and jump into jeans
Get out, get a book and give your brain a feed,
Alliteration makes it more fun to read!

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Re: Silly poems

Postby Sadinatura » Thu Mar 07, 2019 5:07 pm

<3 <3 good job!

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