Setting out on the journey again

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Setting out on the journey again

Postby Lycia » Fri Jan 18, 2019 10:03 am

Hello everyone,
This is my first post since I am new here.
To start with, I wanted to express my gratitude for all the concern, positive feedback and support shared in this Forum.
Well, in the past years of my life (less than 2 years), I started suffering from mental health problems (anxiety and depression, I wasn't taking any medication) and couldn't get over that unhealthy state till the past few months (though I still can't say that I am 100 per cent normal again). In my case, the mental state I was suffering from was actually not the root of the problem, it was a consequence of several factors (mostly external) that contributed in making me feel really down and eventually giving up on everything, I was feeling totally worthless, burning inside from sadness and I didn't stop from blaming myself. It was until I acknowledged the fact that the first real roots of the problem were not caused by me so how come I blame myself with no stop in addition to realizing that I was no longer being myself, I searched and tried to see the real person within me but couldn't find her anymore. I realized that my biggest mistake was letting those external factors negatively impact me and I don't believe I should let anything impacts or decides what happens within me, this is the worst form of slavery, I should be the one who controls what happens within me.

So basically, I started feeling much relaxed and better recently, I am hoping to return to my old self as soon as possible and even elevate it more and more. From now on, I decided to live each single day for itself (without thinking about negative past situations nor being anxious for the future, who knows if I will wake up the day after anyway) so I should better just focus on fulfilling my responsibilities of the current day.

My only fear is giving up again, I really don't want to be down again.
I will be extremely thankful for anyone one keeping me in his or her prayers.
I am sending mercy, love and peace to anyone facing a hard time in their life. Believe that there is always hope, it's never late!

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Re: Setting out on the journey again

Postby oneseedatatime » Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:21 pm

Thank you so much for sharing!
This is actually incredible because I just shared my story with someone and then I saw yours which kind of aligns with mine so I will share and hope that you find my answer to your concern and that it helps you!Wow! What a great request!
I have had several disappointments, heartbreak, loss of an almost 5 year relationship, my home flooded, financial burdens, struggles with my daughter, and a few other things over the last year and a 1/2. In that year and a half there were countless sleepless nights, crippling fear, too many tears, so much worry that it affected my diet to where I could not eat and lost too much weight. I struggled with getting out of bed, going certain places, listening to my favorite music, enjoying God's countless blessings, and more...BUT GOD! I relentlessly sought God, His word, His promises, His truth instead of Satan's attacks. I went to church even when I did not feel like it, I prayed even when I felt like God was not listening, caring, or answering (knowing that this Satan talk was not true), I poured my heart out into my work, into others that I could help, and worked diligently to stay focused on what God could do for me. Today, I sleep like a baby...I am graduating with my Master of Social Work in May, I have watched God restore my daughter's life, my relationship with her, restored and renovated my home, increased my savings, my health could not be better, I have traveled enjoying God's wonders like never before, give of myself to others the way God has equipped and prepared me to do, and KNOW that God can restore and rebuild when we seek Him, obey Him, and TRUST Him with everything! This does not mean that I won't face more struggles, I do, I am, and I will... but through these I have learned to rely on God not others, not medication, not substances, no temporary fixes, nor give up! God is GOOD and He is GOOD all the time in all circumstances using them to grow us, equip us, and best of all use us to help others!
He WILL do the same for you! You will be in my prayers. Pray without ceasing, TRUST God no matter what because He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us no matter the circumstances. I promise!

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Re: Setting out on the journey again

Postby Lycia » Fri Feb 08, 2019 10:14 am

I really apologize for the late reply. I also apologize for my English as I might not reply in a manner that is as beautiful and meaningful as was the reply of yours.
I thank you sincerely for sharing your story! It was indeed of great help, motivation and insight for me!
Reading your storing and knowing about all the struggles you've been through and the fact that you sought God alone, trusted him with everything in your life and took the right possible steps to change, eventually with God's help, your life changed to the very best and you achieved a peaceful and relaxed state of mind and soul.
All the circumstances and difficulties you were facing were by no means easy to handle, the courageous of people could have given up to them, and yet you chose not but rather you were courageous enough, turned to God alone and did what was within your ability for better circumstances. And you saw the results with your own eyes, you tasted and saw God manifesting within your life, it was like experimental science, if we want the results, we must set out on the Journey.
I am extremely happy for you, your daughter, your whole life and wish you more happiness, peace and prosperity!
Your story reminds me of my own, though the difficulties I've been through are easier compared to yours and yet in those dark moments (actually almost 2 years) unfortunately I wasn't able to turn sincerely to my Lord, it was very difficult for me to sincerely seek my Lord, relax, be patient and take the right steps (slow and steady as they say). Even though before any difficulty occurred, I was planning to seek God alone and aware that he is my only saver yet I was very frustrated and failed badly when the difficulties hit me, unfortunately.
I wasn't thinking logically and was a master at making things even worse and that ended up in a cycle of self hate, personal and mental problems. Each day, I wanted to leave this world and the only thing that prevented me from doing so was knowing that my Lord loves me even in the worst and weakest of situations in addition that I couldn't bear to make my family sad, I know for sure they are the only ones who have unconditional love for me. Recently I read a saying which I find very true: "It is worth living for those who care about you, than die for those you care about".
I believe there is still hope for me and anyone yearning for it and your story is an affirmation!
please I will be thankful again if you still keep me in your prayers.

Thank you sincerely again for your sharing!

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