Cognitive impairment -- has anyone found help for that?

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Cognitive impairment -- has anyone found help for that?

Postby A_M » Tue Nov 13, 2018 11:05 am

I'm experiencing some major cognitive impairment. Despite my mood improving, the cognitive impairment remains. My working memory is severely limited, when I've read one paragraph I have forgotten what the last one was about. I do not remember things like dates and times, and sometimes I am so certain that it was X when in fact it was Y. I have difficulties listening and making sense of what people are saying, I have no focus and my mind is scattered. Even though I write myself notes to remember things, I don't seem to be able to use those notes, or I forget that I have them. When I try to concentrate on work, my mind starts thinking about other things, and suddenly I find myself doing something else than what I am supposed to be doing. I have difficulty seeing "the big picture", I can't put pieces together like I used to. I have no history of ADD and when I found a comparison between ADD and depression-induced cognitive dysfunction, it all pointed to the latter. I also easily "run out of brain capacity", it feels like my mind will just shut down on me.

Stimulants have been helpful a bit, but that is not a long-term solution. Everything I find that is dated recently (2016 onwards) basically say that researchers have just found out that there is a lasting cognitive impairment that lasts beyond the mood improving. And no one has any solution. Well, there's a clinical trial for something going on in Copenhagen I think. I'm on SSRI+NDRI and am switching to SNRI+NDRI, but I have reason to believe that it will not be enough.

What do I do? How can I get my mind back? Has anyone found something that helps?

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