Hello there (;- My story

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Hello there (;- My story

Postby Shaylee:) » Fri Sep 28, 2018 8:03 pm

Hello, I'm Shaylee. I'm 14 and in 9th grade. I have anxiety and depression which sucks. And I also have 2 chronic illnesses which sucks even more. Lets start from the beginning. My story starts in 4th grade. I started loosing friends because of my looks, clothes and personality. My old friends started to become popular because they started shopping at cool stores and I still shopped at justice. They made fun of my freckles (Which I love) and my glasses. They said I looked nerdy and weird. I was alone for the rest of the year and had nobody. In 5th grade I met a girl lets call her Allie. Allie was ok at the start but she started being rlly mean. She would boss me around and say things about my clothes. 6th grade came around and I was still friends with Allie (one of my biggest regrets). I was sad, not depressed just sad. I didn't know what depression was but I did have anxiety. Luckily I met a sweet girl named Emma. Me and Emma are great friends still. I moved closer towards Emma and Allie got jealous. She would tell me not to talk to Emma and I was scared so I didn't talk to emma that much anymore. Allie moved away at the end of 6th grade YES! I don't miss her at all. 7th grade beginning went pretty good. I met some new people and I'm still friends with then too. But I only had 1 class with Emma and Emma had all her classes wit the new people. They would make up Inside jokes and They wouldn't tell me about them :(. I felt so alone once again and became really depressed. Nobody noticed... Not even my mom. That brings me to my dad. I have what is called a "lost father". He only pays attention to my sister. My sister does basketball and I'm an allstar cheerleader. He doesn't care about me. He only says hi to my sister, buys her things, lets her get away with things. omg im rlly sick of everything ugh :I more coming later..?

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