Trouble talking about setbacks

Feelings and emotions regarding depression, anxiety and other health issues.

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Caligula's Horse
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Trouble talking about setbacks

Postby Caligula's Horse » Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:56 pm

Hey. Never been on one of these before so apologies if I'm in the wrong section or not following proper etiquette, I asked this in the chat but my message was a too long and it didn't seem the right medium.

Basically I was very low for a long time, a lot of my friends noticed how anti-social I became but most put it down to my excessive smoking. Slowly I revealed how low I actually felt, I think I myself was only just realising my need to stay indoors and away from social situations, was due to how depressed and self hating I had become.

I gradually got better with the help of a few friends and my parents,without a lot of them even realising their part and for the past year I have been in a really great place. Nearly anyone close to me now knows that I was in that darker place before, they're really happy to see I've gotten out of it and back to my oldself.

Recently I've started to feel feelings of anger and depression come back a bit, it's not a crisis by any means but I am feeling pretty low on some days. The problem I'm having is that I now feel unable to talk to the same people who helped me so much. I'm so aware of how happy they are to see my improvement that it makes me not want to express myself when I have a setback because I fear they'll start to worry. It's not that I think they won't understand and be there again, it's just that I don't want them to take it for more than it is. It sounds stupid, but it's like I'd be letting them down, making a deal of it or admitting my own failure to stay on track, if I said anything about it.

I just wondered if other people know what I mean and how best to deal with this. I know the obvious answer is to just put aside my worries and talk but I'm finding it hard to override those feelings and do that, even though I know I should. Another problem is that my friends and family will tend to think I want them to give some advice and they themselves don't know what to give, I don't really think I want that at all, I just want them to know where I'm at without thinking it's a big thing that needs to be resolved.

I'm just quite confused with how I feel at the moment. I want to stress that I'm not going through a crisis and I know how lucky I am to have loved ones who are willing to listen without judgement but I just want some advice to go forward, for anytime I feel like this.

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Re: Trouble talking about setbacks

Postby Janine28 » Fri May 11, 2018 11:57 pm

SOOOOO KNOW HOW YOU FEEL about going to friends and loved ones for help. I agree that they can only help us to a certain extent. They have never experienced the feelings we have so they can only offer so much advice. You can talk on here and we will gladly help you! You are not alone! Have you ever sought professional help, ever been on any medication? I've suffered from SEVERE depression for about 25 years (I'm 42 now). I went to counseling and was put on every medication there is. Some of it helped at times and sometimes it didn't but I kept pushing. I was eventually told about Ketamine Infusions to cure depression so I tried it.....I'm off almost all my medication and never been this happy in my entire life! I have lived through the worst LITERALLY, so please feel free to talk and about whats bothering you or ask about anything!

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Re: Trouble talking about setbacks

Postby heavyheart38 » Sat May 12, 2018 4:27 pm

,CH I am is the same position as you, I don't know how to fix it, but hopefully we will get an answer. I wish you good luck,I now how it feels

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