Learning to be alright.

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Searching Freedom
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Learning to be alright.

Postby Searching Freedom » Thu Jul 26, 2018 12:27 pm

Today I'm writing to you. To my demons. To my voices.
You were the hell inside of me. But without you I wouldn't be able to see heaven.
You were the reason I cried so much, but that taught me how to smile.
You hurt me. Too much. Beacuse of you I felt lonely. I had no one but you. When I was happy, I used to share that with you. When I was sad, you were there to give me a shoulder to cry on. I began to trust you, to love you, to stop wanting to live my life without you. You were everything in my life. You were my best friends. My angels. But you were the kind of friends with two faces. You stabbed me in the back. You were angels of darkness. You hurt me.
Then...you started to be the evil I couldn't live without. You became the drug I was addicted to. I hated that pain, but God! I needed it so much.
I had to fight with you, dear demons, because I was hurting the ones I love. But the truth is I never wanted you to be gone.
You, dear demons, love me in your selfish ways.
Now I know.
Now you are gone.
And here I am. Empty inside. With this hole that gets bigger every time I think of you. I am not supposed to want you in my life.

But I seriously don't know how to survive without you.

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