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Postby anonymoushaha » Sat Jul 28, 2018 2:32 am

Why am I so dumb? I feel like the most stupidest person in the world. No matter how I keep getting hurt I keep trusting people. You might have heard people that have trust issues. I have trust issues too, just the opposite. I trust people too much and it hurts me in the end. I guess my biggest fear is that'll be alone, so I do whatever they want, I say whatever they want and I tell them everything to make them like me and to make them stay. But eventually they leave and I grow attached to them even if they left. Once they're bored or got their information, they leave. I want to not trust anyone ever again. I think convince myself that I trust people too much because I'm a nice person but honestly I'm just dumb. I want to be emotionless so that I don't have to feel this feeling. This feeling of loneliness and emptiness. And when I'm with my friends I laugh and pretend that I'm happy. They don't notice but the second they leave the room I sigh and I feel so tried from pretending. Have you heard of emotion suppression? I read about it once. I want to do it. I don't care that it'll give me problems later on. I just want to be ok now

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