Any here who has become the caregiver of his own parent due a cognitive problem ?

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Any here who has become the caregiver of his own parent due a cognitive problem ?

Postby mmd » Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:14 pm

My mother had a stroke long time ago (maybe 10 years ago, or 11 or 12). She still have cognitive issues. She is far better now. But sometimes she have some relapses. She have memory lapses, she is highly desorganized, she had high accumulative disorder (picking up things from the street, or regreating to throw away unnecesary things as a dry pen or broken plastic bags), she also have emotional disorder, she is higly emotional (she had a very dramatic childhood due her family, currently and since years she Im his only relative, and the only who can think in call her or visit her). She sometimes can think that she the table is moving.

She is way better now, I can read a whole book about the symotoms of my mother, she is a classic case.
The thing is that its incredibly stressing be around her. In her emotional imbalances she is also demanding, and have anger.
Also, even when she is good, it can be stressing, cause she is meticulous about meaningless things (this is related to her OCD), prepare food can be incredibly stressing, or do any activity of the house, or do paperwork.

She cant do simple maths, she get confused if you try to explain her that 1 minute is equal to 60 seconds, and if you ask her how many seconds are 120 seconds she would not be able to resolve it.

She can catch this with practice. She is pretty funny, we have a good relationship, but sometimes some of this comes back, mostly the part of her anger. She cant quit cigarretes. She doesnt take care of her health, or yes, but well, im very stritc about health.
She have a functional part too, the problem with this problems is that the person can remember all about her life after the incident (her stroke) but learn new things are hard.

She recently went to a Dr to make some general checking, and the Dr told her to draw a clock marking the 8:15pm, she couldnt do it, she can read a clock, but the part of her brain that make you imagine abstract things doesnt work well. Sometimes i tell her something that involes some abstract ideas and she cant understand them.

She tends to think that she have the whole right about all the things, and any other person is wrong, and that she is intelectually superior to any other person, and that she know better, she likes to say and boast about how she knows about everything. Her emotions are high, she can be higlly happy, or highly sad, or highly anger, she doesnt have measure. And its stocked by problems of the past, about the family of my father, and my grandmother, and things that are just too old and too in the past to care about it, we (me, my sister, my father) are just tired to here about her when she talk about this, cause no one cares, its just a too past thing.

My sister just cant stand any of her person, cause its not easy, she cant stand how judgmental my mother is, and her attitude of "i know everything and im better than any other", my mother had a big change years ago, and she stopped being like this, but my sister kept resentment towards her and hate, and she (my sister) started to attack her by no reason, hurting her, my mother is very fragile, emotionally fragile, she cant keep in 1 piece emotionally.

So its a very complex thing, and now im very tired, and stress, and with real problems in mind, and sometimes deal with her is just exhausting, she cant comprehend things, sometimes ive been with big problems and she can get mad aboyt me cause instead use a fork to prepare a food i used a knife.

Anyway is pretty normal now.

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