The will to live

Shared experiences of life, and the path that has led you to where you are.

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The will to live

Postby jennasauer » Tue Jun 05, 2018 12:21 am

Everyday is a battle in my mind. I hate myself. I hate the way I look and the person I am. I’m disgusting. I’m surrounded by people so beautiful and I’m the fat girl in her 20’s with bad acne. I don’t see a purpose in living when I have no positive impact on this earth. I wish I had the courage to slit my wrists but a part of me is scared. I don’t know what to do. I can’t afford to see a therapist or a pyscologist. I’m struggling to pay my own bills and find a second job and it seems like my time is almost up. I wish there was a sign that I need to be alive for some reason. I wish I found a purpose. I’m stuck

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Re: The will to live

Postby gjetson33 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:11 pm

You are worth living and you deserve happiness. what do you find joy in? Life has its ups and downs but we cannot allow it to keep us down. I understand depression and having a hard time. I pray that you find something that is worth living for.

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Re: The will to live

Postby DrHPA42617 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:01 pm

Hi jennasauer. I understand where you're coming from--I'm having the same daily struggles and have been essentially my entire life. The best advice I can give is this: Don't give yourself the chance to ruminate. Keep as busy as possible. The idea of suicide seems very attractive when you're in your own head, but the reality is it won't do anything except break the heart of everyone who cares about you and leave a hole that they'll never be able to fill. As far as seeking mental health care, most counties have low-cost services for individuals of lesser means. It could be worth looking into, if you haven't already done so. I wish you all the best, jennasauer. Stay strong, and keep fighting the good fight.

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Re: The will to live

Postby du4mmb » Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:19 am

Everyone faces their own battles each and every day. So you are NOT alone. Please don't think, even for a moment, that you're alone. Even when someone believes they are better, or above, or smarter, or prettier, etc. they're only focusing on what really shouldn't matter. Life is meant to be much deeper and less superficial. I'm sure you've probably heard this before. But I can say this with conviction because I felt then what you are feeling now. You are courageous in being open to share your feelings. That is HUGE. Listen, we are all in the "same boat" so to speak, because all of us are dealing with some type of battle in our lives. We aren't; and this world isn't perfect. We may be led to believe that by the culture we live in, the TV ads, Hollywood, beauty magazines, etc., but what that does is allow our minds to make comparisons to convince us that we don't add up. Regardless of what others may say or believe, the bottom line is that we are all people, with many differences; good or bad. But if we could allow each other to be who they are just as they are, all the while respecting one another, we could be the difference that steps out to help another. Please know you are here for a reason with a purpose just as you are. You have value and worth. Please believe me when I say this because it comes from my heart. And, remember, I shared your same thoughts about myself. Only now I know that those feelings and your feelings are untrue. Please start believing it.

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