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Graywolf the hillbilly

Postby Graywolf » Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:18 pm

I was in chat room earlier and I found out how freking stupid I really am. There are so many people that are so smart. All these people with all these college degrees that are fussing about work and salaries. What I can't figure out is what if they were me and had my mentality and smarts as a human being. I'm about 2 steps above pondscum. I know they think they have got it bad, and I'm not saying I've got it worse. But if I had a degree and could work with my mind instead of my back, I would be abel to take care of my family better. It has always came down to money for me. I an't never got none. So we just eak our way through life trying to get by. I just want to be normal again. But I'll never be smart I can live with that. I just don't like to see things go to waste. I hope the people who are smart don't waste there education and realize that they could be like me a big dummy. I've heard it all my life. I made it through high school reading only one book. Believe it or not I watched movies and would be enough to barly pass book reports or tests. The book I really thought one of the characters was actually me and my life. The book was Of Mice And Men. I was Lenny, a big strong simpleton that always got into trouble without it being his fault. That's me in a nutshell. I'll never be a smart man, and I know it. I just want this to be kinda like a wake-up call. There are people in this world that would give anything to have a college degree in anything but are not smart enough to get an education. The are blessed and don't even realize it. I am really always wanted it but I couldn't get it myself. I hope this enlightens some smarter people than me to make the most out of a college degree. I am sorry if I didn't make good sience. I was just saying don't waste a good thing, because some of us would love to be able to do what they have accomplished.

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