I miss my companion

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I miss my companion

Postby Sisko » Tue Apr 03, 2018 10:00 am

Here's my story; last year the day after Christmas my best friend forever, my companion, somebody I started to fall in love with moved away from Colorado to Florida.

I was only given three days notice that this was happening and I was in a real big shock as she told me that it was because of a job promotion, however I found out later a few months later that it was actually because she was having some family drama with her dad. She told me the farther away from him the better. This kind of made me sad for her.

Two days later I started to get an infection on my finger and it happened to be MRSA and I ended up in the hospital for two days. I was really sad that my best friend wasn't around to comfort me and all that kind of stuff.

So I got to start off the new year in the hospital and that was so depressing. It ended up that I was off of work for two weeks because I couldn't get released to go back to work from my doctor. During that time I was really concentrating on myself and getting myself better and healing so that I can go back to work and I didn't have a lot of thoughts about my friend's situation and how sad I felt for her.

I then went back to work and for two weeks I was okay because I was concentrating on getting back into the swing of things and everything. However once things settle down with work I started thinking about my friend and her situation and how sad and heartbroken I am because she's not around nearby and when she's not around nearby my life isn't as bright as it could be and as it was.

I did write her a letter and sent it with her during her move to tell her pretty much all these things. I asked her if she had read the letter and she said she had but she could address it right now at the time. All I can accept that because she was busy get moving in with her sister and brother-in-law and all that kind of stuff like that. So things of been going pretty much okay for a while but that I really miss her and she did mention in about six months to maybe come visit her. The dates she gave me was the the weekend after her birthday in July.

I would love to do that however my heart is hurting because of the situation of us and not not knowing how she feels about us and how she is dealing with emotionally.

Any thoughts?

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