I did not surpass my girlfriend's past

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I did not surpass my girlfriend's past

Postby Edxt » Sun Apr 01, 2018 5:28 am

Well, your new here and I wanted to ask you some advice about something that has me depressed .
I have 19 months of relationship with my girlfriend, however, at the beginning of the relationship she had problems with her ex because he wanted to convince her to return with him.
I supported her in everything and apparently I stopped disturbing her. But then I found out about a lot of things she lived with hir ex.
For example, he forced her to have sex with him. Also that they were about to get married. And I have seen many publications and messages that she had to him who now tells me.
All that makes me feel very bad and not very special. I don't know how to overcome that, it really makes me very sad. Any advice? Thank you

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