This is the story of my life

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This is the story of my life

Postby Iammeanduareme » Sat Sep 23, 2017 9:55 pm

]My name is Bryan, I was born in Mexico actually however I am whitewashed. When I was in elementary, Ive had problems here and then with my family, then when I went to middle I thought things we're so far good... By the end of high school.. I was surrounded my so much drama and it really was overwhelming many times. I admit I did stress a lot but even so I'm sure people with worser problems had it worse.. So yes I suffered but life moves on regardless... Right now after my high school years... I had many so many mistakes.... And i am in constant situations that are pretty tense, the family drama and disdain for me really is tense many times... What's more is that I there are reasons for the disdain vitriol towards me but I actually haven't done Im not really sociable and I'm awkward but seem relatively normal but I'm a bit awkward due to these unnecessary stressers.... anyways I also feel like I have a mystery diagnoses for nearly three years.. Idk know why I feel different, loss weight alot, fatigue, atrophy, idk that's my physical ailment I guess but I don't know why... That's my current life I'm 21... I have been told I am a pretty smart kid but sometimes I wonder... Im not very close with family and try to avoid the world but would like nothing more than to go out and live a little like the modern young adult...... Right now I still have gotten the green light from life because I have no money to try and help with myself with whatever... I am an immigrant and don't have a PhD in science or am well versversed in mathematics or have an incisive ability for Politics, but if u knew me, I don't care about materialistic things, or stupid fashion fads and trends, or trending vernacular and new terrible music that all sounds the same saying salacious and inappropriate things, trivial celebrity exalting and imitating... If u knew me, i am impartial i dont vote for trump nor hillary, I try to look at the greater picture so as to not become fooled and turned against one on other by unknowingly listening to all the stuff our media feeds us trying to appeal to our worst instincts, holding capitalism in reverence and throwing others under the bus...analyzing things with an impartial and neutral perspective actually seems like the smartest approach to things.. I am interested in the greater picture not simply seeing whether Hilary or trump are bizarre Candidates.. Actively participating in ameliorating and improving our ever changing constitution seens like the most benefial thing for us humans not getting manipulated by the media in hating each other... Anyways I am still depressed but really focused on other things.

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Re: This is the story of my life

Postby Gomez1972 » Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:47 pm


I get it. I understand what it means to live like this. I used to visit and live in Juarez years ago, and know how people that are "whitewashed" Gueros are treated. Would people even know how it is there unless they know the struggle of it's people? i doubt it. Anyhow, I would be happy to chat. needless to say, i am American and we have real struggles here as well, especial now.

I hope you are well and still fighting the good fight..


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