Would you do this? For dysthymia sufferers.

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Would you do this? For dysthymia sufferers.

Postby Vicfran » Wed Sep 28, 2016 10:00 pm

Hi everyone,

I now we don't know each other but may I ask your advice?

My name is Vickie and I suffered with persistent depressive disorder (dysthymia or chronic depression) for about 21 years. If you also have PDD you'll know what that's like. It's a horrible place to be. I kind of held down a job, but every day it was a major struggle to get out of bed, I was on the brink of tears constantly, had very little or no energy or motivation, my home was messy and I isolated myself from my friends and hid my feelings from my family. My dog was really the only thing that kept me going. I cared so much more about her than I did myself.

For the past 11 years I've been on the road to recovery, including medication which was my safety net, talk therapy and with lots of hiccups on the way. A little progress, followed by a return of symptoms, another step forward, another two back and so on.

Today I'm living symptom free and what I'm hoping for from you, if you'd be kind enough to share your thoughts with me, is whether you think a step-by-step program, with an online community, which you could access through a website, would be something you might consider in your search for a way of getting rid of PDD?

I'm keen to share what I've learned and yes, it would be a paid membership site with a step by step course and online discussion groups. This is just an idea I'm beginning to put together. I've noticed from reading forums that people with PDD are very supportive of one another and enjoy sharing the coping strategies that have worked for them. The strategies that have worked for me are not quick fixes. I'm sure you know that unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a quick cure or treatment for depression. You've probably tried heaps of things yourself, just like me.

If I'm sounding too upbeat to be on this forum, it's because I have found a way of keeping my PDD symptoms under control and I'm excited about that! Reading the forum posts here really do sadden me, because everyone here is a valuable person and we as a society are missing out on your contributions because of your debilitating illness. So many people suffer and can't move forward from their depression (I'm talking about PDD here, not major depression). It's a real shame and something I truly want to do something about.

So, would you share with me your answer to this question?:

*do you think a supported, step-by-step, weekly program based on what I've done to eliminate my depressive symptoms together with the support of an online community would be something you would consider exploring further?

I'm asking in a general sense. I know there are not many details here about what the program would cover, or the fees involved. But I'm just trying to get an idea of whether this kind of program would interest you. You can just answer 'yes' or 'no' or leave a further comment if you wish.

I thank you very much for your time and wish you all the very best in finding strategies that help you live symptom free.

Thanks again,


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